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Popularly depicted as the ‘eye in the sky’, the unprecedented growth in commercial acceptance of unmanned aerial vehicles – commonly known as drones – is fuelling an enormous upturn in related careers. Maybe it’s you who should be keeping an eye on them? ...Read more

We know that choosing the right training and gaining well-targeted qualifications are essential elements in preparing you for success in your new career in the civilian workplace. As well as enabling you to explore your own interests and ambitions, doing so will give you the confidence and skills that will set you apart from the competition, giving you a distinct advantage.

Check out our list of training providers below to find out who has the perfect course for you …

Training Provider Sector Provider Overview Location Funding
Trade Skills 4U - Electrical Training Building - Electrical, Drones Trade Skills 4U is the UK’s leading electrical training provider (ELCAS accredited No. 3751) with a wealth of experience of training ex-forces personnel. Our... ( course/s) Nationwide