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Gastec Training is a leading supplier of training and assessment services to the utilities industries, providing training services at all levels for over 27 years . We offer the full portfolio of training and assessment services for the gas, oil, plumbing, electrical and solid fuel utility sectors.

We now offer the full portfolio of training and assessment services for the entire utilities sector including:

Our state-of-the-art training and assessment centre is just off the M1 in Milton Keynes.

This purpose-built centre contains air-conditioned classrooms, Smart Board technology and a range of facilities to make your time with us enjoyable as well as productive, and together with our tailor-made workshops and refreshment facilities, it all combines to make the learning experience as easy and as pleasant as possible.

  • All our staff are friendly and approachable, and each has an in-depth industry knowledge and a wealth of practical experience which enables them to provide the very best levels of guidance and advice.
  • We have offered and delivered our tailored courses to MOD service Leavers for the past 10 years from which we have numerous testimonials, our relationship with MOD and ELC has enabled us to obtain a full understanding of your resettlement requirements from this we have a dedicated resettlement courses team only too willing to assist you gain as much information as possible.
  • Not every person leaving the Forces has previous trade experience or any work-based expertise. Gastec is there to give you that, and whatever your chosen subject, you can be assured that the centre of attention and 'end goal' is for you and your future.

When considering a new career the first step should be an assessment of your training needs - Will an Employer offer it 'on the job', or do you need to plan your own training first? If you are considering a career in the utilities industry then there are a wide range of training courses and training providers available to you. Before you decide which Training Provider to go with, please take time to check out if they are really going to provide you with the full requirements and qualifications you will need for the chosen area of work; be it the Gas, Electrical and Oil routes.

The following are questions you should be asking the Training Provider:

  1. Will the qualifications at the end of this course help me seek full time employment
  2. Are all your training staff qualified
  3. Do you provide work placement
  4. Are You an ELC Enhanced Learning Credit Provider
  5. Have you any candidates who I could talk to or see any testimonials

At Gastec we can easily answer 'YES' to all the questions, we are not a 'Jack-of-all-trades', but specialise in technical training for the service leaver wishing to aspire to technical expertise within the above industries.

Qualifications offered

  • EAL Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment PAT Testing
  • EAL Building Regulations for Electrical Installations
  • EAL Initial Verification & Certification of Electrical Installations
  • EAL Periodic Inspection, Testing & Certification of Electrical Installations
  • EAL Certificate in Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings
  • EAL Requirements of Electrical Installations BS 7671 (2018)
  • EAL Gas Utilisation: Core Knowledge and Skills
  • EAL Level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation: Core Skills and Knowledge

  • Central heating/hot water Core Domestic Gas Safety (CCN1)
  • Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances (CKR-1)
  • boilers & circulators, combination boilers, storage water heaters & instantaneous water heaters (CENWAT-1)
  • Domestic gas meters (MET-1)
  • Domestic gas fired ducted air heaters not exceeding 70kw input (DAH-1)
  • Domestic open, balanced & fan assisted flued gas fires/wall heaters (HTR-1)
  • Changeover Core domestic natural gas to commercial (CoDNCO1)
  • Changeover Core domestic natural gas to commercial catering (CoDC 1)

  • Commercial Catering appliances, forced draught burners (COMCAT 5)
  • Commercial Catering appliances, pressurised water boilers (COMCAT 2)
  • Commercial direct fired heating appliance (CDGA 1)
  • Commercial indirect fired heating appliances & equipment (CIGA 1)
  • Commercial radiant plaque & radiant tube heaters (CORT 1)

  • Commissions and servicing of non-modulating multi-stage oil and bio­ liquid fuelled pressure-jet burners OFT 10-201
  • Core changeover (NG - LPG) safety for boats, yachts and other vessels (CONGLP - 1 B)
  • Core changeover (NG - LPG) safety for leisure accommodation vehicles (CONGLP - 1 LAV)
  • Core changeover (NG - LPG) safety for mobile catering (CONGLP - 1 CMC)
  • Core changeover (NG - LPG) safety for permanent dwellings (CoNGLP - 1 PD)
  • Core changeover (NG - LPG) safety for residential park homes (CONGLP - RPH)
  • Core changeover CCN 1 to COMCAT 1 and 3 (CoCATA 1)
  • Core Commercial Catering gas safety (CCCN 1)
  • Core Commercial Gas Safety (COCN 1)

  • Heat Pumps 2 Design of Heat Pump Systems for Domestic Space and Water Heating OFT 21- 504D
  • First Fix Commercial Pipework (ICPN 1)
  • IGE/UP/1 Tightness testing and purging (TPCP 1)
  • IGE/UP/1A Tightness testing and purging (TPCP 1A)

  • Installation of oil and bio-liquid fuelled fixed combustion appliances and systems OFT10-105e
  • Installation of oil fuel storage and supply systems OFT 10- 600a £673.00
  • Installation, commissioning and servicing of Air Source Heat Pumps (Domestic Space and Water Heating) OFT 21-501A
  • Servicing and Commissioning of oil fuelled vaporising burner OFT10-102
  • Single Stage Pressure jet servicing and Commissioning OFT 10 -101


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