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Transitioning into self-employed entrepreneurship: Andy Greene’s story

Transitioning into self-employed entrepreneurship: Andy Greene’s story


24 Apr, 2024

Final Rank: Training Supervisor
Years Served: 28


Transitioning from military to civilian life can be a daunting prospect for many veterans. However, with strategic planning and the use of available resources, it can also be a period of significant personal and professional growth. One such success story is that of Andy Greene, a former RAF Engineer, who has successfully transitioned to a thriving career in the civilian sector.

Military Background

Andy Greene enlisted in the Royal Air Force in September 1980, embarking on a notable 28-year career. During his tenure, he rose to the rank of Training Supervisor, specializing as an Engineer. His military journey not only shaped his technical skills but also prepared him for his later roles in training and development.

Educational Pursuits and Resettlement

Throughout his service, Andy took advantage of the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme, a program designed to fund educational courses for service members. Despite mixed experiences with the courses—he found them intense and challenging—he acknowledged the scheme’s value in offering financial support towards gaining qualifications, notably in Project Management. However, he notes that the courses did not significantly bolster his military career but were more about preparing for civilian life.

His resettlement phase included a Career Transition Workshop, which he did not find particularly useful. Yet, he actively sought additional training, obtaining a Level 6 NVQ in Management and Leadership from Lincoln University, qualified to teach in the adult learning sector and a trainer's qualification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), all of which proved invaluable.

Civilian Career

After leaving the RAF in 2008, Andy founded Inspired2Be, where he currently serves as Managing Director and Senior Trainer. His day-to-day responsibilities involve running the company, designing and delivering training courses, and managing a City and Guilds training centre. His role demands constant engagement—even during holidays—but it also provides the freedom to manage his schedule.

Challenges and Rewards

The transition has not been without its challenges. Andy cites the lack guaranteed regular income, paid holidays, and free medical care as significant adjustments from his service days. Nonetheless, he finds great satisfaction in utilizing the training and leadership skills he honed in the RAF.

Advice for Service Leavers

He strongly advises other service leavers to plan ahead and maximize their use of available resources like ELC, SLC and resettlement time and grants and to engage in as much free training as possible while still in service. For those considering entrepreneurship, he recommends starting the business a few years before leaving the military to ensure a smoother transition.


Andy Greene’s journey from an RAF Engineer to a successful entrepreneur and trainer underscores the importance of preparation, education, and the strategic use of resources during and after military service. His story serves as an inspirational guide for service members contemplating their next steps into civilian life.