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What’s your resettlement resolution?

What’s your resettlement resolution?


09 Jan, 2023

If you’re looking for the perfect new start, the digital infrastructure industry could help you achieve that goal …

The start of a year is like a clean page in a notebook, bringing with it the renewed prospect of establishing good habits and setting fresh challenges. It offers the ideal opportunity to evaluate what is important to you on your resettlement journey and make positive strides towards achieving your post-Service career goals.

If you value a rewarding, challenging and lucrative career, with the added job security of working within a fast-growing industry that the world relies upon, then you need look no further than the digital infrastructure industry.

The digital infrastructure industry comprises the data centre and network cable infrastructure sectors, which together form the backbone of the world’s digital activity and global connectivity. Data centres are purpose-built facilities that house servers and critical IT equipment, with network cable infrastructure providing the connections from the data centre to end-user locations. Imagine the data centre as a brain where all crucial applications and data are stored, and the network infrastructure as the neurons carrying messages from the brain (data centre) to the muscles (the end user) and back.

As a result of the pandemic, the already flourishing growth of the industry was supercharged, as businesses and individuals worldwide were forced to shift their activities online. Post-pandemic, global demand for accessing, processing and storage of digital data shows no signs of slowing. Industry experts estimate that there are currently 14 billion active internet device connections worldwide, with each placing a data demand on the network; this number is projected to surpass 30 billion by 2025. Digital infrastructure is fast being recognised as the fourth utility.

Data centre operators are in desperate need of individuals who can help them keep up with the global demand for data and provide business continuity, with job roles such as data centre technicians (the people who help keep each facility running at its optimum and able to continue to meet the increasing demands of the sector). Service leavers are highly sought after by data centre operators, who recognise that veterans already possess many of the skills required – such as attention to detail, ability to learn and a ‘can do’ attitude – and can quickly gain other essential technical talents and the knowledge to succeed in mission-critical facilities.

CNet Training is recognised globally as the leading technical education provider throughout the digital infrastructure industry; it awards internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications that are in demand and specified in job roles worldwide. For 26 years, CNet has been assisting Service leavers, understanding each person’s career goals and providing quality education from network cable installation through to many data centre education programmes delivered by expert instructors, many of whom are themselves ex-Forces.

CNet’s education framework maps programmes to actual career paths in the industry, ensuring that learners are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. As part of CNet’s network cable installation resettlement offering, the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®), Service leavers are given a two-week work placement following completion of the programme, providing them with immediate connections within the industry and, frequently, a job offer at the end of the placement.

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CNet Training – the global leader in technical education for the digital infrastructure industry, comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors – has been delivering industry education since 1996. It is the only industry-dedicated education provider in the world to offer both internationally recognised qualifications and official certifications.