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Does your future lie in digital infrastructure?

Does your future lie in digital infrastructure?


31 Mar, 2023

A career in the digital infrastructure industry could well be the perfect fit for you. But what exactly is it, and how can you get the qualifications you need?

What’s involved?

Digital infrastructure is all about data: how we use it, where we store it and how we connect both together. Today’s world relies heavily on digital functionality. Whether to check emails, manage traffic lights, maintain safety through air traffic control, watch Netflix or run a global organisation, the digital infrastructure industry is the mission-critical force behind it all, and we depend on it more now than ever before.

Digital infrastructure can be split into two sectors: network cable infrastructure and data centres. The network cable infrastructure sector is commonly referred to as the ‘fourth utility’ and is widely considered to be as essential as other utilities such as water, electricity and gas. Broadband relies on copper and fibre-optic network cable infrastructure, which is absolutely critical to maintaining the flow of communication services. As demand for digital communications continues to increase exponentially throughout the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, upgrades to the national broadband infrastructure are being rolled out, supported by government strategy in partnership with commercial network service providers.

Data centres are purpose-built facilities where servers and critical IT equipment are housed, with network cable infrastructure providing the connections from the data centre to end-user locations. Think of it as the data centre being the brain, where all the crucial applications and data are stored, and the network infrastructure as the neurons, carrying messages from the brain (data centre) to the muscles (the end user) and back.

Education options

CNet Training’s network cable infrastructure and data centre technical education programmes are the only industry-dedicated programmes to award both official certifications and internationally recognised qualifications. They provide credentials that are specified within job role requirements across the world. Service leavers are highly sought after across the digital infrastructure industry by employers, who recognise that veterans already possess many of the required skills, such as attention to detail, ability to learn and a ‘can do’ attitude, and can quickly gain other essential technical skills and the knowledge to succeed in critical environments.

Attend an industry briefing

CNet has launched a digital infrastructure industry briefing event specifically aimed at giving UK Armed Forces leavers essential industry and career insight. The half-day briefing has been created to provide members of the Armed Forces, Service leavers and ex-Forces with an in-depth introduction to the digital infrastructure industry (network cabling and data centre sectors).

The virtual briefings are hosted by CNet’s dedicated resettlement and ex-Forces team, plus other invited guests including leading industry organisations. Topics covered include the vast array of career opportunities across the industry, typical roles and salaries, plus what it is really like to work in the industry.

The briefings also highlight the ELC-funded education programmes that will help you reach your desired goals, and provide an opportunity for attendees to ask any questions they have about the industry and career opportunities. It’s also a chance to meet the resettlement team, who are more than happy to offer guidance and advice regarding your next steps.

'Having been out of the "trade" for a couple of years, this has been a great insight into opportunities not only in personal development but also the options available to me on leaving the Services. It’s given me food for thought moving forward. Thank you!'

'Thank you very much for your time and effort today. It’s been very productive and given me a great insight into the sector.'

Find out more

Click here for details and to register or email CNet's Resettlement Adviser, Olly Day, to register your interest in the next briefing event.

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