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Transitioning into senior consultant: Dave Kime’s story

Transitioning into senior consultant: Dave Kime’s story


19 Dec, 2023

Final Rank: Lieutenant Royal Navy
Years Served: 12 years

The transition from military to civilian life is a pivotal moment in a veteran's career. Dave Kime's journey from the Royal Navy to a flourishing career in the corporate sector exemplifies this transformation. 

Dave Kime's naval journey began in 2011 as a Logistics Officer. Serving across various capacities, including Navy Command HQ and frontline frigates, Dave's career was marked by diversity and challenge. Reflecting on his decision to leave, Dave says, "I felt sure I wanted to step away from Defence but was uncertain about finding my place in a civilian workplace."

As his service came to an end in May 2023, Dave faced the daunting prospect of transitioning to civilian life. "Leaving the structured environment of the Navy was intimidating," he admits. The uncertainty of how his military skills would translate into the civilian job market was a significant concern.

Strategy for Transition: Dave's approach to transitioning involved several key steps:

  • Building a Network: Dave emphasized the importance of networking. "I started reaching out to people I knew who were leaving or had already left the service," he shares. These conversations opened doors to new opportunities and provided valuable insights into the civilian job market.
  • Utilizing Enhanced Learning Credits: Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, Dave used his Enhanced Learning Credits for a Service Improvement Course, culminating in a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. "This course developed skills widely applicable in various sectors and roles," Dave explains.
  • Discovering Turner & Townsend: During his networking, Dave learned about global professional services company, Turner & Townsend. Intrigued by their diverse clients across a range of sectors and alignment with his values, he pursued an opportunity that led to a referral, interviews, and eventually a job offer.

Settling into a New Role: In his role as a Senior Consultant at Turner & Townsend, Dave applies his military-honed skills in leadership, stakeholder management, and strategic planning. "The company values and rewards me in a different way to the Royal Navy, offering an unprecedented sense of latitude and opportunity," he reflects.

Reflections and Advice: Reflecting on his journey, Dave highlights the significance of viewing military experience through the lens of potential employers. "Consulting is all about identifying your client’s challenges. Being a jobseeker is no different," he advises. He also emphasizes the importance of networking, which played a crucial role in his successful transition.

Dave Kime's transition from the Royal Navy to Turner & Townsend is an inspiring example for other service leavers. His journey underscores the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and effectively leveraging one's network. Dave's story serves as a beacon, guiding fellow veterans through their transitions into rewarding civilian careers