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FutureSmart provides the opportunity to study masters degrees, professional and even training qualifications wrapped around your present life. The way forward has many options but we help make your choice become a reality. We specialise in supporting military personnel to gain key qualifications, to ensure a supported transition into civilian careers.

At FutureSmart, we offer unique Level 7 qualifications that can open doors to Master’s level education without the need for an undergraduate degree. We recognise and value your years of service in the armed forces, using this experience as a foundation to build your future. We have a range of top-up courses with the university of Law, but will also liaise with other universities to get you access the right course

Our bespoke services are tailored to meet your specific needs and interests. With FutureSmart, you receive personalised educational pathways that uses your military experience toward achieving civilian career success.

With a team of educational experts dedicated to your success, we provide accurate, top-quality advice and guidance. Our expertise ensures you make informed decisions that align with your career goals. If you select one of our courses you will be designated a tutor who will support with our programmes. We have a combination of online material, face-to-face 1:1’s and seminars, and remote support.


“Since leaving school and starting a career within the Army, I have struggled to find an academic course that’s flexible to my working environment. Future Smart made that possible. Carole and the team were so helpful in getting me started making completing the course that much easier. My tutor Kate was absolutely amazing, supported me throughout my time despite the challenges with work commitments, and was always an email away from any questions I had to mentor me through. Thank you, Carole and Kate”







Mrs Carole Davies


07903 775649

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Courses Available
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Management and Leadership
PGCERT CPD Ethical Leadership
The Postgraduate Certificate in Ethical Leadership for Military Leaders is specifically tailored to address the needs of military personnel transitioning into civilian roles. The programme offers a comprehensive examination of leadership principles and provides a valuable bridge between military and civilian leadership contexts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We work with you to ensure the content of the course can be applied to your current situation. Below is an example of how the PGCERT in CPD Ethical Leadership has been adapted to an individual with a military background. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Module 1: Adaptation of Military Leadership Skills Module 2: Personalised Research Project Module 3: Presentation and Career Transition
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