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TechVets expands free cyber training to tech-curious Service leavers

TechVets expands free cyber training to tech-curious Service leavers


15 Jun, 2021

The tech and cyber industries are crying out for talent says TechVets, a unique not-for-profit initiative and RFEA programme dedicated to building a bridge for veterans into cyber security and the technology sector. Fortunately, it has received a funding boost that will enable it to extend its offer of free training to upskill more veterans than ever before and support them into sustainable careers in these sectors …

The £50,000-plus funding, which comes from Veterans’ Foundation (£25,236) and the Armed Forces Covenant Trust (£20,000), as well as techUK (£5,000) and cfms (£5,000), will enable TechVets to alleviate the issue of the skills gap in the tech and cyber industries, while also supporting the estimated 173,704 veterans who have lost their jobs and those at risk of redundancy due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2017 only 4% (around 38,000) of UK working-age veterans were employed in ‘information and communications’, whereas veterans are 18% more likely than non-veterans to work as process, plant and machine operatives, three areas most likely to experience job automation by 2030.

Conversely, there are huge and growing employment opportunities for veterans within the tech industry, especially within cyber security. Veterans have vast transferable skills, which is often only recognised much later in civilian life, to the detriment of the veterans, their families, businesses and the UK economy.

TechVets provides access to a community of expert guidance and support, to increase their confidence and help them explore areas of interest within the tech sector. The programme provides candidates with:

  • access to an online community
  • connection to other veterans and mentors within their geographical area, and a ready-made network with veterans experienced in technology and cyber security
  • advice on career pathways within tech and cyber, as well as the best training recommended by industry experts
  • free training resources, through the Veteran Digital Cyber Academy, SplunkWork+, the TechVets Fortinet Network Security Academy, Merimetso, TryHackMe, Pega Academy and CTF Team, as well as the TechVets Hack The Box Team and Capture the Flag Team
  • CV workshops for every candidate, as well as a CV review service and CREST distribution service, ensuring CVs are seen by all CREST companies across the UK
  • industry education and networking events.

TechVets has created Security and Infrastructure Foundation Pathways for all members to use as guidance. These Pathways, developed by industry professionals from within the TechVets membership, use a blend of open-source resources, our partner training and TechVets community support to empower those new to cyber/tech to choose the pathway that is best for them.

Army veteran and TechVets director, James Murphy, leads a 25-strong team of volunteers, who provide support to the TechVets members and community. This helps maintain the close military community as well as provide support, both virtual and physical, to TechVets members across the UK.

Says James: ‘There are huge opportunities to utilise the talent of ex-Service people to fill the serious skills gap that the tech and cyber industries are facing. Yet, currently, only a small proportion of veterans enter these sectors, at great disadvantage to both themselves and the UK digital economy. The tech and cyber industries are crying out for talent and, thanks to the funding we have received, TechVets will be able to upskill and support more veterans than ever before into exciting and sustainable careers in these sectors.’

Interested in finding out more?

Click here to visit the TechVets website. 

The tech and cyber industries are crying out for talent and, thanks to this funding, TechVets will be able to upskill and support more veterans than ever into exciting and sustainable careers in these sectors


About TechVets

TechVets, which recently joined forces with RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity, offers free upskilling and job opportunities to Service leavers and veterans, through its unique offering of networking, mentoring, signposting and training services, and via its new TechVets Academy platform. 

The TechVets mission is to build a bridge for veterans and Service leavers into the cyber security and technology sector. The 900,000 working-age veterans and 15,000 Service leavers a year have the skills to shape the future of our digital economy, and support the security and prosperity of the UK – but just 4% of veterans are working in tech and cyber. This is 20% lower than the proportion of non-veterans (and for female veterans the figure is 50% lower!).

TechVets creates new opportunities for ‘tech curious’ veterans through partnerships. If you are still serving, leaving the military or a veteran interested in tech, then we would love you to join the TechVets community.




Twitter: @tech_vets



About James Murphy

James joined TechVets from Government Digital Services, where he was employed as threat intelligence lead, providing strategic cyber threat intelligence advice to key decision makers within central government. James is an Army veteran of 19 years, having joined the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment in 2000, before transferring to the Intelligence Corps in 2013 after sustaining injuries in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

James deployed to Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Kenya and China, and brings years of leadership experience and a passion for TechVets, having co-led the first TechVets local chapter in 2019 as a volunteer.


About RFEA

RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity exists to provide lifelong, life-changing support, job opportunities and training to Service leavers, reservists, veterans and their families, irrespective of circumstances, rank, length of service or reason for leaving.

Founded in 1885 and operating across the UK, we have the specialist knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between military life and civilian employment. We work in partnership with other organisations and employers who, like us, respect and value the unique qualities and abilities of all those who have served.


Twitter: @RFEA_UK

Facebook: RFEATheForcesEmploymentCharity