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Tackling the data centre skills shortage

Tackling the data centre skills shortage


20 Dec, 2021

It takes a lot for competing companies to work together for the betterment of an entire industry, but that’s exactly what is happening now to help tackle the data centre skills shortage …

Global leading technical education company CNet Training has united with seven major data centre organisations to launch the first data centre-focused University Technical College (UTC).  The partners are leading global organisations – CNet Training (CNet), Virtus Data Centres, CyrusOne, CBRE, Amazon Web Services, LMG, ARK Data Centres (Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited) and Yondr – all of which have committed significant funding and resources to the programme, to guarantee students receive the first-class technical education that will help address the industry’s skills shortage.

The University Technical College Heathrow is a state-funded college with an exciting curriculum that aims to give students the best possible start to a career within data centres. The Digital Futures Programme allows students to gain the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in technical careers within the data centre sector. Essentially, it will help to future-proof the industry by inspiring a new generation to join it and enjoy a rewarding career.


A large group of networked computer servers used by organisations for the remote storage, processing or distribution of large amounts of data

Andrew Stevens, president and CEO of CNet, who helped shape the idea of the Digital Futures Programme alongside the Baker Dearing Trust (an organisation that develops UTCs) says, ‘This is an industry first and highlights just how serious the skills shortage is within the data centre sector – a sector that already has a shortage of new entrants and is now also having to react to the unprecedented growth of everyone working from home and communicating digitally, all requiring more people support. This is alongside an ageing workforce with not enough people to replace those who are retiring.’

While the UTC initiative will not supply new entrants for a number of years, organisations that are already struggling to recruit knew they had to do something now to help support the future. ‘The skills gap is not getting any easier for the digital infrastructure industry,’ says Andrew. ‘We all need to work together and do it in a way that will make a real difference at a time when people need inspiration, support and the opportunity to secure a career with huge opportunities.’

Where does that leave ex-Forces people?

… in short, in an amazing position to get involved in the industry! Whether you have some experience of data storage and management or network cable installation, or even no experience at all, data centres need people right now and will still require them in years to come. CNet Training can help to get you on the right path for success within the data centre industry and, with ELC-funded packages, can ensure you gain the right skills, and the certifications and qualifications that are – and will be – in demand. 

Learn more about the digital infrastructure industry

Gain an insight into the industry by attending CNet’s Digital Infrastructure Industry Briefing event. The next one takes place on 12 May 2022. It is a morning event held virtually that walks you through the industry and the opportunities available within it. There will also be guest speakers talking about ‘A day in the life of’ different roles and career prospects in their organisations.

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Click on this link for details of CNet Training’s resettlement and ex-Forces education programmes and, for more information about the UTC, click here 

About CNet

CNet Training is the global leader in technical education for the digital infrastructure industry, comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors. It is recognised throughout the world for being the global industry leader and the only industry dedicated education provider to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications, starting at qualification level 3 through to a level 7 master’s degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management. A significant part of CNet Training’s history is the development of the highly acclaimed Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, which allows individuals to plan data centre knowledge and skills progression, qualifications and certifications to meet individual career aspirations.