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Super Yacht industry news from YPI Crew

Super Yacht industry news from YPI Crew


04 May, 2020

​The super yacht industry appears to be sailing calmly through the choppy waters of coronavirus …

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world on so many levels and while we are all adhering to government guidelines to stay safe and protect the lives of others, we appreciate there has been a tremendous impact on people’s jobs/careers as a direct result. The super yacht industry is no exception but is perhaps affected to a lesser extent than other industries. 

From what we have seen over the past few months, there has been a small minority of crew on some super yachts taking reduced salaries for the short term, no more than most people working shore-side, or a few redundancies. For most yachts, however, there has been no change to crew terms and they are still in full-time employment, which is great news! 

From a recruitment point of view, we have put most jobs on hold since March (which would normally be our busiest time of the year) because of the travel restrictions and self-isolations on board, which has made it extremely difficult to get crew to/from the yachts in various locations around the world. This is slowly changing – shipyards in Europe are starting to open again, with social distancing measures in place, and we anticipate that the ports will start to open over the coming weeks too. This may allow for a late season where super yachts will be able to travel the Mediterranean later in the summer when their owners/guests will be able to join them.

We are optimistic that we will get back on track sooner rather than later, and that we will see more job opportunities opening up over the coming months – and will continue to do so.

YPI Crew has been the leading agency for super yacht crew for many years and we have grown again in 2020. We acquired Edmiston Crew Agency in January and remain the largest agency. Even with the current pandemic, we have been as busy as ever and we will continue to grow to meet the ever increasing needs of our prestigious clients and a growing fleet of yachts.

If you are considering a career change and will be leaving the Navy next year, then now is the time to get in touch! We can talk you through the process, give career advice and discuss courses you may need to take in advance so you will be ready for 2021 when we will have job opportunities all year round.

We will be attending the CTP Recruitment Fair in Southampton on 8 October, if travel restrictions and social distancing measures allow. We have had a strong relationship with the Royal Navy and have been actively recruiting Service leavers for 15+ years and we are looking forward to continued success in the future!


You can find more information here or you can send an email to Jacqui Young, head of engineering recruitment.