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Scotland’s employers need veterans

Scotland’s employers need veterans


23 May, 2024

New research shows number of employers considering hiring veterans has soared yet veterans’ confidence remains low

The Forces Employment Charity will be hosting a unique Glasgow-based event, plus a remote session, to connect employers and veterans across the country to boost employment opportunities

New research by the Forces Employment Charity shows that the number of employers in Scotland who say they would be likely to hire a veteran has jumped by a third, rising from 64% in 2021* to 85% in 2023.**

These promising figures starkly contrast to those revealing veterans’ perceptions of themselves.

Despite a military career equipping servicemen and women with a wealth of highly transferrable and sought-after skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork and calmness under pressure, a massive three out of four (75%) of Scotland’s veterans sometimes underestimate the skills they have, whilst the same number say they found the transition from military to civilian life harder than they expected.*** Furthermore, only 50% feel positive about the future of their civilian career.***

To bridge the gap between military and civilian life, the Forces Employment Charity will hold two events to help connect veterans and Forces-Friendly employers in Scotland and beyond.

Pathways Into Financial Services is a two-part event. The first session will take place at BNY Mellon in London on 4 June from 10 am – 6.30 pm and is also available online for anyone wishing to attend virtually.

The event will welcome the whole Armed Forces Community to a complete overview of a career in financial services.

Focusing on exploring the sector, and spotlight sessions which focus on:

  • Financial crime, risk and compliance roles
  • Fin techs and digital assets
  • Sales, trading and investment banking
  • Tech and AI

A follow-up networking event will be held in Glasgow at Barclays Campus, 1-4 Clyde Place, Glasgow, G5 8DP, on Tuesday, 18 June, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Attendees can meet up to 10 employers from across the financial services sector. All employers present will have a presence and employment opportunities in Scotland or northern England and are actively looking to recruit from the Armed Forces community.

Both events are open to the entire military community, including:

  • Veterans
  • Service leavers
  • Reservists
  • military spouses/partners of those who have served/ are serving (including those who are divorced or bereaved)
  • Young people aged 16-24 with one or more parents who are serving/have served

John Cunningham, Executive Services Director at the Forces Employment Charity, says, “It is incredibly positive to see the increase in recognition amongst employers in Scotland regarding the value veterans bring to the civilian workforce. We look forward to bringing together veterans looking to take their next step on the career ladder, with employers offering exciting and rewarding opportunities in the financial services sector.”

The events are part of Op PROSPER. Op PROSPER is a programme awarded to Forces Employment Charity through the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust which will empower veterans and their families the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, enabling them to thrive in society by ensuring equal access to employment opportunities and supporting them into sustainable, valuable careers.

The programme will mobilise the business community to drive practical, cultural and behavioural change within sectors, ensuring they become more ‘veteran friendly’ while also creating tailored pathways for veterans into positions of employment.

Glasgow-based Alison Bell served in the Royal Navy and had been a veteran for 19 years when she sought the help of the Forces Employment Charity, to help her embark on a career change. She says, I registered with the Forces Employment Charity when I realised that the job I was in wasn't what I wanted to do.”

Speaking about the support she received from her dedicated Forces Employment Advisor, she adds, “She was there. Always encouraging. She helped with my self-esteem. After 14 years with the same company, having my son, and going back to work part-time, it was time to think about who I was and what I wanted.”

Having received support with CV preparation, interview technique, networking, training, and education opportunities, Alison has successfully moved into an entirely new sector. She concludes, “I feel happier in myself. I would recommend the Forces Employment Charity to any Service leaver/veteran.”

For more information about how the Forces Employment Charity can help or to register for either event (registration closes 31 May), visit

* Research carried out by OnePoll on behalf of the Forces Employment Charity from 21.10.2021 – 28.10.21. It surveyed 1000 UK-employed adults who have input into hiring decisions in their organization.

** Research carried out by OnePoll on behalf of the Forces Employment Charity from 23.05.2023 – 31.05.2023. It surveyed 1000 UK-employed adults who have input into hiring decisions in their organization.

*** Research carried out by OnePoll from 23.05.2023 – 31.05.2023. It surveyed 350 UK working-age veterans.