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New YouTube series spotlights Exercise Rattlesnake

New YouTube series spotlights Exercise Rattlesnake


01 Jul, 2021

Forces News has launched an explosive new YouTube series, Exercise Rattlesnake, which gives a rare in-depth look at one of the world’s biggest, most hardcore military exercises this year, designed to test UK and US troops to their absolute limits …

The series of seven short programmes follows the Welsh Cavalry, 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards, as they take part in this exclusive military exercise, facing a series of gruelling tests at one of the US Army’s three international elite training centres, in Louisiana, on a dangerous training area known as ‘the Box’. Once inside they are there for 12 days. 

The much-feared Box has been used to train troops, often to breaking point, for decades. Brigadier General David Doyle, the Commanding General, JRTC and Fort Polk, explains the site’s extensive history: ‘We trained soldiers before World War Two, we trained soldiers before the Vietnam conflict, we trained soldiers before deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, and now we’re preparing them for future battlefields.’

Colonel Jason Curl, Commander of Operations Group, JRTC, adds: ‘We stretch you to the point where we can see all your holes.’ 

To ensure an authentic experience, playing the battlegroup’s enemy in Exercise Rattlesnake is a highly trained local force called Geronimo, used to winning in battle, familiar with the terrain and calling themselves ‘the most hated unit in the United States Army’.

But it’s not just the enemy they face – the environment has alligators, wild boar, poison ivy and black widow spiders, not to mention swamps. Plus, there are six extremely poisonous snakes in this area, and according to Sergeant 1st Class Michael Angel from Operations Group, JRTC, ‘the cottonmouth likes to chase soldiers’.

Later in the series, Apache attack helicopters are flown in from Fort Drum in New York to be used as part of the exercise, and Forces News journalist Sian Grzeszczyk will be the first British journalist to be granted special access to fly in one by the US Army. 

Click here to watch the first episode.