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New SIA website: update your bookmarks!

New SIA website: update your bookmarks!


08 Dec, 2020

On 10 December the Security Industry Authority (SIA) is moving its website to a new address – part of – and closing its current site …

Why is the website moving to

The SIA is making this change so that its online information meets the government’s digital standards. It has reviewed and rewritten all of its information to make it clearer and simpler to understand. It has also reorganised the site so that users can find the information they need quickly and easily.

What is the address of the new website?

The address for the new website is:

Is the old website closing down completely?

Yes. However, the new site is for ‘content’ only (information in the form of text, tables and so on). It can’t accommodate what it calls ‘transactional services’ – that is, forms or interactive tools such as the criminal record indicator or the Register of Approved Contractors, so the SIA will continue to host these services.

Will my saved links and bookmarks still work?

Bookmarks and saved links relating to the old website will not work after Thursday 10 December. Please check and re-save any links or bookmarks so that they point to the correct information on the new site.

Will the new website have all the same information?

The site will largely have the same information that was present on the old site. Some pages have been merged, while others have been split up so that existing material could be expanded. The SIA has deleted some pages that were out of date, used very little, or didn’t meet rules.

Is your licensing site moving?

No, it will be staying where it is now.