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The Poppy Factory launches new Armed Forces families employment service

The Poppy Factory launches new Armed Forces families employment service


28 Apr, 2023

The Families Employment Service has been launched by The Poppy Factory, in partnership with Armed Forces family network The Ripple Pond, to help those who support or care for veterans with health conditions. Funding for the service was awarded by The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

Two new Families Employment Consultants have joined The Poppy Factory’s team to help family members move towards new jobs and careers. Both have lived experience of the veteran community and extensive professional experience. They will take the time to build trusting relationships with family members, delivering the service through regular one-to-one contact by phone, email and video call. The approach is based on the success of The Poppy Factory’s veterans’ employment service, which last year supported 498 veterans with health conditions, helping them to start 349 jobs. The service is available to any adult family member supporting or caring for a member of the Armed Forces community who has, or has recovered from, a health condition. This includes ‘chosen family’, separated partners and parents of veterans.

Family members can register for support directly through The Poppy Factory website at NHS clinicians working as part of Op COURAGE, the specialist mental health service, can also make a referral on their behalf, alongside professionals at The Ripple Pond and The Poppy Factory.

Amanda Shepard, Chief Executive of The Poppy Factory, said: “Our experience helping veterans with health conditions has shown that many within their own families would benefit greatly from a similar level of employment support. We’re proud to launch our new Families Employment Service at time when many families face increasing pressure on their finances and elsewhere, and we’re ready to work closely with family members, building their confidence, stability and independence. I’d like to thank The Ripple Pond for playing a vital role in delivering this new service, and The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust for trusting us to deliver transformational employment support for Armed Forces families.”

Rodger Cartwright, Director of The Ripple Pond, said: “Life seems to be getting ever more challenging and, at The Ripple Pond and The Poppy Factory, we have recognised this. As two very agile and effective charities who genuinely listen to and respond to those we serve, our coming together on this project is something quite unique and special. “Specifically, this new initiative is designed to support and empower family members who are supporting physically, emotionally, or psychologically injured British Armed Forces personnel and veterans, by offering them the opportunity and support to find employment – or to improve their current employment situation – in a new and unique way. We are all excited to work together, sharing extensive experience and adapting to meet the needs of the service users, and are committed to delivering this service to the highest standards.”

To register for support click here.