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Biomechanics Coach Diploma

Biomechanics Coach Diploma


22 Jan, 2020

When I retired from the Armed Forces in December 2012, I decided to go into the fitness industry, an area to which I had devoted much of my time in the military and something I have always had a real passion for. I used my first ELCAS grant to become a personal trainer and opened a small gym with my daughter in February 2013.

At this time, I was still lacking in sufficient depth of knowledge in anatomy and physiology, and the general functionality of how the body works and reacts in a health and fitness environment. However, there were no ELCAS listed providers with the appropriate knowledge and skills for me to undertake such a course.

Fortunately, I saw Rachel France (director, Biomechanics Education) in action at a very popular fitness expo. I was blown away by her knowledge and passion, and her team’s skills and experience. Her company soon gained Service provider status and I immediately checked out the details online and spoke to her in person. The course criteria would definitely meet all my requirements and more! I successfully applied for the course, starting five monthly workshops in August 2019.

Course content

I had already completed many other fitness-related courses, but none of them gave me the breadth of knowledge, skills, confidence and such useful practical workshops, provided by a very capable company with the best instructors and such a wide cross-section of health and fitness professionals.  

The course joining process was clear and simple, supporting administration and course manuals top form, and content of the five two-day workshops spot on! The instructor was extremely professional and obviously very knowledgeable across a wide range of areas, and easily able to explain either in detail or layman’s terms as required.

The balance of theory and practical was very good. The workshops were mainly practical in nature, which is exactly what is required to obtain the necessary safe and effective skills to become a fully qualified biomechanics coach. I really loved the hands-on approach, which was very new to me and, although I was very nervous and lacked experience, I was soon made to feel at ease and quickly gained the necessary techniques required.

Students were extremely well prepared for the practical examination and case studies, which greatly reduced the requirment for them to do additional research in their own time.


This course covers a particularly niche area – it can be used to pursue an independent career as a biomechanics coach or to supplement many other professions, such as personal trainer, sports massage therapist, osteopath, rugby coach, Pilates instructor, and so on. I will certainly be using all the knowledge and skills gained to provide much-needed clinics to clients in the local area.  

There are many fitness trainers out there, but not many biomechanics coaches! This course can add a much-needed extra skill to your portfolio, as well as a better opportunity to secure more clients and expand your business.

If you have already left, or are planning to leave the Forces in the near future, I would strongly encourage you to complete this course. This is without doubt the most professional company I have had the privilege to work with since my retirement. I fully endorse them and the course, and hope that they achieve greater visibility across the three Services and MoD.

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