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Be part of something bigger – work with MAF

Be part of something bigger – work with MAF


01 Nov, 2019

In the remote communities where we serve, medevacs happen all the time. MAF is a lifeline for thousands like Opeyeytato …

Opeyeytato (pictured above) lives in a small village in the highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG). She is suffering from pregnancy complications and is in grave danger. The nearest hospital is a 200km trek through the jungle. Mother and child are unlikely to survive the journey. That's where we step in. MAF was able to conduct a medevac, bringing Opeyeytato and her anxious husband to the hospital in a flight that took only 30 minutes. You can be part of this rescue. You can be part of saving lives …

For 75 years, MAF has been a lifeline to people cut off from the help they need. We are seeking committed Christians to work as aircraft engineers, experienced pilots and managers, as well as teachers, accountants and IT technicians. Our most urgent need is for people in the following roles:

If you live in the UK or Ireland and feel you match one of our roles, or you are working towards the requirements for a role with MAF, we would love to hear from you.

Email our HR Team for more information or click below for all our latest UK and overseas vacancies.

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