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Transitioning into security: Iain Chorlton’s story

Transitioning into security: Iain Chorlton’s story


11 Jan, 2024

Final Rank: Sergeant in the Royal Military Police
Years Served: 9 years

For many ex-forces personnel, the transition to civilian life and work takes time. This change does not always have to be difficult though, especially when the right support networks are in place.

The facilities management industry can be a suitable fit for many who are seeking a new challenge, as roles across the sector require similar skill sets. The security industry specifically can be a great option, as skills like remaining calm in uncertain situations and adapting to different environments are vital.

Employers in any industry can support the hiring of veterans through various schemes. Facilities management provider Churchill exemplifies this, as it is a member of the Armed Forces Covenant and a 2022 Defence Employer Recognition Scheme gold award winner. Iain Chorlton is special services director of Amulet, Churchill’s security arm. Prior to his role with Amulet, he served for nine years as a sergeant in the Royal Military Police.

Iain spent his formative years in Southern England. He started his military career in Bulford, moving to Aldershot to join the airborne brigade. This was after he completed Pegasus Company training and the military parachute course.

However, once he completed the Close Protection course, his career took a different direction. He was deployed to the Middle East in small teams, protecting diplomats, senior officers, and members of the Royal Family. In the final three years of his career, he undertook close protection duties in Northern Ireland.

He describes leaving the military as bitter-sweet. He loved the challenges of operational tours but struggled to adjust to a day-to-day non-operational routine. At the beginning of his transition to civilian life, Iain’s close protection duties meant he was closer to home in the UK.

After this role, he spent 28 years with the South Yorkshire Police. Both roles provided environments similar to his military career, making his transition to civilian life relatively trouble free.

Towards the end of his police career, he met a member of the Amulet team at an awards event by chance. After striking up a conversation, Iain’s skills and experience were recognised as a good fit for the business.

He first joined Amulet as a consultant, before being offered a position to lead a new enterprise in 2021, Project Blueprint.

Iain’s extensive experience in operations, along with his project and people management skills, was directly adaptable for the role Amulet offered. Project Blueprint is a highly advanced technical platform that provides real time awareness throughout Amulet’s security operations. It is already used by all the emergency services in the UK and is now used to support private sector organisations during day-to-day operations and emergencies.

Iain joined Amulet because its values and ethics were closely aligned to his own. The role was also liberating for Iain. It is both familiar and allows for innovation, as he is actively helping to develop the programme and constantly strives to do better.

Iain is one of many veterans who have chosen to work with Churchill and its sister businesses. Iain’s work with Project Blueprint requires technical expertise and project management work, but many security roles require other skills veterans are well-suited for.

The day-to-day adaptability required for security guards helps to protect the public and customers, all while working as part of a team. Churchill ensures that any veteran can transition into a role they not only work in, but enjoy, too.