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What’s it like to work for Aeropeople Ltd?

What’s it like to work for Aeropeople Ltd?


10 Oct, 2017

The inside story …

Case study 1

Candidate A was a Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer who, after a full 22 years’ service, was approaching his discharge date and, while completing his resettlement, was assigned to HMS Nottingham.

An Aeropeople consultant saw candidate A’s CV online on a job portal and, after making initial contact and discussing at length what the candidate was looking for, his CV was submitted for a role based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where one of our well-known clients was looking for an armament instructor.

Due to the location of the new role, all of the recruitment process was carried out within the UK. The first part was a telephone screening and then a face-to-face interview at one of the client’s UK sites.

The fact that the candidate was a Service leaver meant that the recruitment process could be fast-tracked as there was no need to submit new SC clearance and wait for the authorisation. The candidate left the service, had three weeks’ leave and relocated to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to start his new role … where he has been happy since March 2016.

Case study 2

Natasha served 12 years with the RAF as a Flight Operations Assistant. She was approached by one of the Aeropeople consultants via LinkedIn to see what she was looking for in regards to a new civilian role.

She found the resettlement process a bit of a rollercoaster – she initially started employment with a chartered airline in her home town of Manchester but in comparison to the RAF found her role was not challenging enough.

After being approached by Aeropeople and securing her new job, she admits it was difficult to locate to a new city where she didn’t have the camaraderie the RAF had previously brought her, but she is thankful for the opportunity Aeropeople gave her to start a new career and is now enjoying living in Suffolk and working in Cambridge.

Natasha feels that being ex-RAF helps her daily in her new career. She is determined, not afraid of a challenge, and has the respect and integrity learned from the RAF, which she brings to her role every day.

When we asked Natasha if she would recommend Aeropeople, she said: ‘Most definitely. At the time I was a little impatient waiting to hear if I had the job, but now having worked at Marshall Aerospace and seen how long the processes and procedures can take, I appreciate that things can take a lot longer than you think. Thank you for this great opportunity!’

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