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Check yourself with OddBalls

Check yourself with OddBalls


13 Feb, 2018

A brand new, easy-to-use ‘check yourself’ free testicular cancer app has been launched by UK charity the OddBalls Foundation.

With more than 16,000 new cases of testicular cancer diagnosed in the UK each year, early detection means that 95% of those affected will make a complete recovery.

With testicular cancer the most common cancer in males aged 18–35, the app has already been welcomed by international rugby teams, Premier League football clubs and cricket clubs. Encouraging users to check themselves regularly will be a different celebrity each month. There is also a short, amusing instructional video on how to check yourself and, once a month, a reminder will flash up on your phone saying ‘Check yourself now’.

Says former Premier League footballer and patron of the charity, Stephen Harper, ‘Unless we get a reminder, most of us just don’t think about it. Most of us have our phones in our hands, so there is no excuse not to download the app. It’s very simple, with a monthly reminder so you can’t forget. This could save your life.’

How to download

Visit your app store and type ‘Oddballs – check yourself’ into the search field. Press ‘Open’ and register your details in a few seconds. To find out more, visit

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