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Charity empowers veterans with new careers in truck driving, tackling homelessness and joblessness

Charity empowers veterans with new careers in truck driving, tackling homelessness and joblessness


27 Nov, 2023

A non-profit organization is aiding former military personnel in entering the truck driving sector, aiming to lessen homelessness and joblessness among veterans.

Veterans into Logistics offers complimentary training for veterans and funds their Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) license acquisition.

Once certified, this Rochdale-based non-profit collaborates with companies like Muller and Asda to ensure veterans secure steady, well-paid employment.

Founded in 2020 by Darren Wright after a veteran friend's tragic death due to post-military life challenges, the charity aims to ease the transition from military to civilian life.

Darren, a former six-year military paratrooper, faced his own struggles after leaving the army in 2004 and returning to Manchester found work as a truck driver, inspiring him to help other veterans facing similar challenges.

Abi Howard, a former Royal Artillery member medically discharged after a skiing accident, credits the charity for her employment as a lorry driver. Veterans into Logistics facilitated her training and job placement with Muller.

Brothers Brian and Carl Smith, both army veterans, have also benefited from the charity, now employed as lorry drivers for Asda.

The charity recently announced acquiring three new lorries, enabling training for up to 150 veterans annually. Two trucks were donated by Volvo and Asda, while a third was purchased with a grant from the Veterans' Foundation.

Chris Hall, Vice President of Asda's Logistics Services, highlighted the company's support for the charity, emphasizing the mutual benefits of employing skilled veteran drivers. Asda was one of the first companies to partner with Veterans into Logistics, recognizing the opportunity to address driver shortages while supporting veterans.