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AWS military insight event 24th May 2023

AWS military insight event 24th May 2023


27 Apr, 2023

Interested in Cloud technology? Unsure what route to take? This event will provide you with the information you need to start your journey to a new career at AWS.

During the event you will hear from Veterans, Reservists and Military Spouses about their respective journey's to AWS and the many and varied roles they now undertake. We will also offer practical advice on AWS training and certifications together with applying to AWS, hints and tips on CV's and the interview process.

The event will conclude with a networking session, enabling you to engage with our AWS Military community together with recruiters and hiring managers.

Please note, due to a limited capacity for those to attend in person, we shall also live stream the sessions. Please indicate your preference when registering for the event.


Emma Morgan - PM Military Affairs EMEA

Emma spent nearly 17 years in the Army as a lawyer, leaving in 2018. Following a period of employment at KPMG and HCR Law joined Amazon in June 2020. Part of the Global Military Affairs team Emma builds programs to attract, hire, retain, and promote Veterans, Reservists and Military Spouses.

Joe Raw - Demand Generation Sales Manager

Joe served 13 ½ years in the RAF as an avionic technician. He left following a medical discharge in 2022. Following completion of the AWS Military Talent Program, Joe joined the AWS Commercial sales team working as an account executive on 250+ enterprise customer accounts. Joe understands customer challenges and works backwards to deliver bespoke solutions.

Ian Palmer - Cloud Support Associate

Ian spent 24 years in the Army within the Infantry, leaving in 2022. Following completion of the AWS Military Talent Program, he officially joined AWS in June 2022. As a Could Support Engineer Ian is required to deals with customers technical problems ensuring their issues are quickly resolved. In AWS no day is the same and no problem is the same.

Liam Tatum - Linux Support Engineer

Liam served in the Army as a Communications Engineer within the Royal Signals for 7 years after joining at 17 years of age. Post military service, Liam worked in Cyber Threat Intelligence for a short period before joining the AWS Dev Ops team in September 2021 as a Linux Support Engineer.

Kimberley Clements - Senior Solutions Architect

Kimberley spent nearly 17 years in the Army within the Royal Signals as an Communications Systems Engineer. Having left in 2021, Kimberley applied to work at AWS directly from the Military with no other civilian employment experience. Now an AWS Senior Solutions Architect, Kimberley supports customers across the UK National Security and Defence with their cloud adoption.

Blake Roberts - Technical Account Manager

Blake spent 9 years in the Army as a Combat Medic having been part of 16 Air Assault Brigade and a company medic for 2 Rifles in Northern Ireland. Blake completed the AWS Military Technical Account Manager's Program and is now a Technical Account Manager within AWS supporting customers optimising their utilisation of the cloud for their business.

Mark Willis - Principal Engagement Manager

Mark served 10 years in the British Army as an Infantry Officer with The RIFLES, deploying to Afghanistan, Australia, South America and Africa. Leaving in 2016, Mark worked in Financial Services before joining AWS Professional Services in 2020, where he completed his MBA at Warwick Business School. As a Principal Engagement Manager, Mark leads large enterprise organisations through complex digital transformation programmes.

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