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Pear Tree Projects Ltd

We require caring and empathetic individuals to work as Residential Social Care Workers looking after children and young people in small, well-established homes.

Residential Social Care Workers will be employed within one of the organisation's homes. Duties will include working with young people known to Local Authorities or Health Departments in order to support them whilst they are away from their families and communities. This involves befriending identified young people, engaging them in a range of activities, helping to identify problems they may be encountering and devising programmes and strategies to resolve these difficulties. Other duties may include escorts, attending police interviews and other related childcare tasks that may be required by the Agencies we serve. Training and advice will be given where appropriate.

Pear Tree is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and expects all staff to share this commitment.

Residential Social Care Workers will be responsible to the Company's Managing Director.

Main tasks include:

  1. To work as a member of a team to promote the welfare of young people living with Pear Tree.
  2. To assist in identifying each young person's needs and then, with others, planning a programme of activities and other inputs to meet those needs within an agreed budget in consultation with the Managing Director.
  3. To care for nominated children and ensure, in conjunction with others, that work programmes are being effected. To act as an advocate for a young person where appropriate.
  4. To ensure quality written records are maintained in line with Pear Tree's policies and procedures.
  5. To assist in the continuing development of the organisation.
  6. To liaise and develop relationships with user authorities, to ensure that procedures are followed, and the aims of the organisation are achieved.
  7. To undertake such reviews and write reports as may be required for external agencies, including the Courts.
  8. To be engaged in the monitoring, reviewing and evaluation of the organisation, to ensure good practice taking into account Pear Tree's policies and procedures.
  9. On behalf of Pear Tree, to attend such meetings or conferences as can contribute to its total work.
  10. To participate in such training sessions as may be required.
  11. To attend staff meetings on a regular basis.
  12. To recognise your role within the context of Pear Tree's recovery programme, to promote that role and work with other team members to promote the whole recovery process.
  13. To help maintain the home to a high standard and provide appropriate domestic duties as part of a team member.
  14. To ensure domestic duties are in line with health and hygiene expectations.
  15. To carry out regular sleep-in duties.
  16. To be able to provide appropriate meals at appropriate times in line with Health and Hygiene requirements.
  17. To carry out practice in line with Pear Tree's current Policy Document.
  18. To demonstrate an acceptance of Pear Tree policies and procedures.
  19. To promote and encourage an acceptance of Pear Tree policies and procedures.
  20. To set a positive attitude and example to colleagues and clients.
  21. To demonstrate the ability to make sound assessments and judgments, and act accordingly.
  22. To be open-minded and objective in assessing situations and decision-making.
  23. To keep yourself updated at all times.
  24. To be flexible.
  25. To promote professionalism in all areas

It is the nature of the organisation's work that tasks and responsibilities are, in many circumstances, unpredictable and varied. All staff are expected to work in a flexible way when the occasion arises, and tasks which are not specifically covered in job descriptions may have to be undertaken from time to time as prescribed by the Managing Director.

£24,190.40 sleepover allowance and milage are paid in addition to this. Hourly rate is £11.63

Job Details

Job Title:
Residential Social Care Worker

Job Type:
Full Time




North East,North West


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