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Transitioning into a learning and development advisor: Jane Taverner’s story

Transitioning into a learning and development advisor: Jane Taverner’s story


04 Dec, 2023

Final Rank: Communication specialist
Years Served: 13 years

Service Career

Jane's military career began in October 1992, when she enlisted in the Communications branch of the Armed Forces. During her service, she dedicated herself to her role, although she didn't have the opportunity to obtain civilian qualifications through apprenticeships at the time. However, her commitment to learning and development would prove invaluable later in her civilian career.

Utilising Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)

Jane's journey into civilian life was marked by her strategic use of Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC). Although she didn't initially use ELCs, she later enrolled in a Level 3 Personal Training course with Premier Global during her resettlement. This course allowed her to pursue her passion for fitness and was tailored to service leavers, providing a supportive community throughout the 12-week program.

Resettlement and Career Transition

As Jane embarked on her journey to civilian life, she faced the challenges of resettlement due to a medical discharge in July 2005. However, she didn't let this setback deter her. Jane attended a Career Transition Workshop (CTW) at HMS Drake in Plymouth, which she found extremely valuable in preparing her for the civilian job market.

First Civilian Job: Pursuing a Lifelong Passion

Jane's first civilian job after leaving the forces was as a Personal Trainer, Lifeguard, and Swimming Instructor at a local golf club. This role aligned perfectly with her passion for fitness and marked the beginning of a four-year period during which she gained numerous qualifications in the industry. She eventually became a Gym Manager and pursued on-the-job study, completing a Leisure Management NVQ.

However, Jane's priorities shifted when she became a mother in 2012. While she still desired to help others achieve their fitness goals, she began to explore new career avenues.

Discovering Support from the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA)

In 2018, Jane learned about the support available to veterans through the Regular Forces Employment Association (RFEA). This organisation, (now called The Forces Employment Charity) assists veterans at any point in their working careers, beyond the two years of support provided by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP). With the help of the RFEA, Jane received guidance on career changes, CV updates, interview techniques, and identifying transferable skills.

Becoming a Change Coach

Jane's career took a new turn as she embraced a role as a Change Coach for Active Plus, a charity-based company employing veterans to help people re-enter the workforce in Cornwall. During this time, she pursued a Level 3 qualification in Information, Advice, and Guidance.

Learning and Development Advisor

In 2021, Jane's career journey led her to her current role with Capita as a Learning and Development Advisor at 42 Commando (CDO) Bickleigh. In this capacity, she plays a pivotal role in assisting personnel with their educational and development needs, ranging from basic requirements to degree programs. She also guides individuals through resettlement and supports promotions by enrolling them in relevant skills courses.

Skills from Service to Civilian Life

Jane highlights that teamwork, looking out for colleagues and customers, time management, and working under pressure are some of the key skills she acquired during her service that remain valuable in her current role. While the demands differ, these skills have helped her adapt and succeed in her civilian career.

Advice for Fellow Service Leavers

Jane's advice to other service leavers is to take advantage of the support and information available during resettlement. Plan your transition, research beneficial courses, and make the most of the funding opportunities. She also encourages service leavers to explore companies that support veterans through initiatives like the Armed Forces Covenant. Jane emphasizes that many companies, including Capita, are dedicated to hiring ex-Service personnel and providing support to the military community.

Jane Taverner's journey from military service to a thriving civilian career as a Learning and Development Advisor. Her experience serves as a testament to the opportunities available to service leavers willing to invest in their development and seek support during their transition to civilian life. Jane's commitment to helping others and giving back to the community is a shining example of the remarkable contributions veterans can make in their second careers.