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Maximise the benefits of your experience and training To succeed, businesses need leaders who bring new perspectives, new thinking and new ideas. Leaders who have the skills and knowledge to manage in an uncertain world and challenge convention.

Wessex Business School delivers a comprehensive curriculum, mapped against military training and experience, and approved by the largest academic awarding body, Pearson. 

Our partnership begins the moment you make a commitment to pursue your education. We are here at every step of your journey, helping you stay on track, build upon your learning experience and achieve your goals. Help is never more than a click or phone call away.

WBS delivers a comprehensive curriculum mapped against military training and experience. 

Having a clearly set out curriculum, with an integrated and structured approach, the student is able to understand the accreditation opportunities available. In addition, students can clearly identify which qualification meets their needs while utilising the benefits of their previous training, and recognise the course needed to progress towards their final goal.

Within our portfolio of qualifications we recommend the Northumbria University MBUS Business and Management fully integrated master’s programme from Level 6, which can be completed in three years or learners can exit early with a BA(Hons), if that is their goal, via distance learning.

For details of all courses Wessex Business School offers, the dates and locations where we deliver on-site training, and study options – including distance learning – please refer to our website: 

Our Courses

Pearson Level 4 Certificate in Education & Training - Suitable for those in a teacher/training role with 30hrs of teaching


Pearson Level 4 Fast Track Certificate in Education & Training - FOR DTTT V2 TRAINED INSTRUCTORS. Suitable for those in a teacher/training role with 30 hrs teaching.


Pearson BTEC Level 4 Certificate in Leadership & Management RN AB’s, RM, Army and RAF Privates and Civil Servants. Distance learning is the only form of learning.


Pearson Level 4 Diploma in Leadership & Management - Suitable for RN ABS, RM, ARMY, RAF PRIVATES AND CIVIL SERVANTS


Pearson Level 4 Fast Track Diploma in Leadership & Management - Suitable for the experienced RN LEADING HAND, RM CORPORAL, ARMY CORPORAL & RAF CORPORAL


Pearson Level 5 Diploma  in Management - JNCO or Progression for Level 4 Diploma Students


Pearson Level 5 Diploma in Management - For MOD Personnel and Civilians


Pearson Level 5 Fast Track Diploma  in Management For SNCO and above


Wessex Business School Access to Higher Education Module

(preparing students who wish to access the HE Programmes as outlined on our website).

Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Louisa Turner


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