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The Surveillance Group provides an unrivaled level of expertise in the world of specialist surveillance. Our teams of investigators are among the most highly qualified in the industry, and deliver the information demanded by our corporate clients with the utmost reliability.

The Surveillance Group is one of the largest covert surveillance companies currently operating within the United Kingdom. We are the largest provider of covert Surveillance training, teaching individuals how to conduct successful foot and mobile surveillance whilst obtaining the relevant intelligence.

As we are primarily an operational organisation, our training courses are also used exclusively as an employment tool, providing our company with the opportunity to select high class students who have proven their capabilities throughout the courses and are looking to pursue a career within an exciting and specialist field.

At the Surveillance Group’s training centre, you will be taught current and up to date techniques by the companies leading surveillance operatives.All our main courses are accredited with Industry Qualifications to a Level 4 standard, the highest within the industry.

If you are keen to gain employment within our company or the Surveillance Industry itself, then it is highly recommended that you pass the Surveillance and Investigations package.


This IQ Level 4 in Covert Surveillance Operations (Intermediate Award) is designed to give you the basic knowledge and skill set required. It is your first step in becoming a Surveillance Operative and the course is based around Fraud.  It’s a five-day course that will see you learn about legislation and the surveillance codes of practise. You will be taught how to organise a surveillance unit and the teamwork that is needed to conduct a smooth operation. Be tasked to complete reconnaissance on a selected property or location.  You will be shown how to use our surveillance equipment both handheld and covert camera devices as well as our covert radios. Learn how to conduct surveillance on foot and in vehicles before being asked to plan for your own surveillance operation. You will then receive your taskings for a surveillance exercise and putting everything you have learned so far in to play, you and your team will undertake a surveillance operation. You will be conducting surveillance on a live target and following that person both on foot and in vehicles in order to obtain the footage and information required by your fictional clients. 


This IQ Level 4 in Covert Surveillance Operations (Advanced Award) is an advancement on the Intermediate Award. It is a five-day course designed around criminal activity and it will test you to your limits in order for you to become a Qualified Surveillance Operative. This week you will undertake two surveillance operations where you will need to organise advanced foot and mobile surveillance as well as dealing with the public transport system. As you will be following fictional criminals you will need to be aware of their own anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance measures. You will be following them in various towns, cities and rural environments in order to obtain the footage and information that is required. During the final exercise you and your team will be tasked to undertake a counter surveillance mission over watching and securing another surveillance operation in order to keep those operatives safe and secure to complete their objectives. It’s not an easy week, you will be tired and tested but you will be ready.  


The IQ Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators (QCF) is a qualification for individuals who work or would like to work as Professional Investigators/Surveillance Operatives. It focuses on how to research information from various sources; gather information through interviews; and have an overview of surveillance operations, both overt and covert; on gathering information in support of an investigation; planning and reporting investigations. This includes identifying the objectives of the investigation; dealing with conflicts of interest; and how to report and present the findings on the investigation. The qualification also deals with maintaining the security and confidentiality of all information during the investigation. Throughout, there is also the requirement of knowing and complying with the laws and regulations relevant to carrying out investigations. This qualification is based on the SIA Specification for Learning and Qualifications for Private Investigators and Pre-Cognition activities.


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