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Jelen Premier Wildlife Services are the providers of the largest range of deer-related training courses in Europe, and one of the few Deer Control & Husbandry training providers in the country approved by LANTRA

This family of courses is designed for the professional operator who needs to gain specific vital skills and experience to manage and advise on deer estates, handle wildlife who may have escaped, been injured and who need to be dispatched ethically/humanely in co-operation with local police forces in the UK.

In addition the range of courses are suited to the beginner to deer stalking and management as well as the more advanced stalker.

With less than two  years of service to go, I started to think about what I want to do in civilian life. I have a keen interest in the outdoors, in the countryside and in particular – bush craft. Whilst researching my resettlement options, I noticed High Ground – a charity developed specifically for service men and women in the transition phase from military to civilian.

They put me in touch with a former High Ground participant who is now a semi-professional deer manager working for Jelen-Premier Wildlife Services. Having made contact with Tony, he and Jelen-PWS set up a three day internship paid for with my Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) Grant.

Over 3 days, I was mentored every day from first until last light in the skill set required to find, identify and cull deer. In addition, I was introduced to the business side of running a deer management company by professionals who were supportive and unstinting in sharing their deep and extensive knowledge of all aspects of deer stalking / management.

As a result, I am now in a much better position to decide on my options and how best to take the next step forward into civilian life either as a professional deer manager or as a recreational stalker.

If you need any information on deer related training, then I recommend Jelen-Premier Wildlife Services without hesitation



Mr Mike Allison


01264 811155

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Jelen Group Offices, Chilbolton Down Farm, Stockbridge

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DSC1 Training with Jelen PWS

Courses Available
Distance Learning/Online Courses

Course Overview Region Contact Funding
Deer Management
Pre DSC1
For those looking to gain up-front training in a format that suits you, to give you a seamless transition to your DSC1 training.
South West 01264 811155   email   website
Pre DSC2
This bespoke course focuses on the subjects that you find most challenging ahead of your DSC2 assessment.
South West 01264 811155   email   website
DSC1 Training & Assessment
Basic training in deer stalking. Taught from 4 decades of experience by the UK’s leading deer-related training providers.
South West 01264 811155   email   website
DSC2 Initiative
Three culls, in two days with one guarantee. If you have previous experience, the DSC2 Initiative is for you.
South West 01264 811155   email   website

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