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Gas Training & Gas Courses with Kier Gas Training 16-week BPEC Foundation Course leading to ACS for those service leavers with little or no experience. Guaranteed placement during the course to build your portfolio & interview at the end.

Kier group is a leading Property, Residential, Construction and Services group which invests in, builds, maintains and renews the places where people live, work and play.

We operate across the range of sectors including defence, education, housing, industrials, power, transport and utilities. The group employs over 21,000 people across its operations in the UK, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Hong Kong and Australia. 

A fully integrated offering, Kier is able to offer a unique, end-to-end range of capabilities through an integrated offering. We help our customers maximise the value they derive from their assets by negotiating finance and planning permissions, through to constructing major buildings and infrastructure, to facilities management, maintenance services and even keeping water, rail and highways running smoothly.


In Property we do:
• Asset management
• Bespoke occupier solutions
• Joint ventures

• Owner occupiers
• Partnerships
• Project development
• Property development
• Project investment
• Retail regeneration
• Structured finance
We have financed and delivered 1,750 new buildings for occupiers, investors and home owners in the last year

In Residential we do: 

• Affordable housing
• Living space
• Mixed use communities
• Private residential housing
• Regeneration

We build over 2,500 new homes every year.

In Construction we do:

• Building
• Civil engineering
• Construction management
• Engineering design
• Interiors and refurbishment
• Mechanical and electrical
• Mining
• Rail services
• Technical services

Our school building programme provides 1,000 pupil places per week.

In Services we do:

• Asset management
• Energy management services
• Environmental services
• Facilities management
• Fleet and passenger services
• Highway services
• Housing maintenance
• Utilities services
• Waterway services

We maintain 500,000 street lights and signs, that’s the equivalent of a road stretching from London to Perth in Australia and back again.

With this legacy behind you, Gas Training at Kier are confident of the quality of what we can do for you in starting you off on your new career. Contact us now to book.

Course Information & Qualifications Gained

Courses combines industry recognised qualifications and world class work experience with one of the Big 6 construction companies in the UK. 


If you want to work in the gas industry but have never touched gas before, then this is an ideal entry route for you to become qualified to the industry standard required by Gas Safe with a reputable and high quality company.


Our assessors have over 100 years’ experience between them, so in your first 6 weeks with us they will guide you through subjects such as Health & Safety, gas theory, gas safety legislation, unsafe situations and appliances (central heating boilers, cookers, fires, water heaters) before checking your knowledge and understanding with practical and written assessments.


You then do your 8-week work placement within Kier. You only ever work 1:1 with one of our experienced and qualified Gas Safe engineers (or with our vetted and trusted partner 0800 Repair) who will take you under their wing and show you everything from servicing to repairs & maintenance to installations allowing you hands on experience to build up your portfolio. 


Our staff do between 8-10 servicing appointments a day, on a range of appliances and boilers providing you with a first-class opportunity to learn about a range of products and problems for your portfolio, making you ready for your final assessment.


Our programme also includes:

Kier ID Badge, Uniform and PPE on arrival
Safe Isolation – to help you understand the dangers of live electrics on boilers and how to work safely
CSCS Health & Safety test – to ensure that you have a general understanding of Health & Safety while you are out on site with us and for your new career
Accredited asbestos training – as you could end up working in cavity spaces, under floors, up into roof spaces and it is essential you know what you are looking for incase you come across asbestos in homes. Your safety is paramount to us now and in the future.

Once your portfolio is complete and our assessors have signed your Foundation Diploma off, you will be brought back into centre for two weeks to complete your Core gas CCN1, CPA1 (incorporated into CCN1) CKR1 (cookers), MET1 (meters) CENWAT1 (Boilers) and HTR1 (Fires).

Once you have all your certificates you can apply to Gas Safe for your card – when you will be recognised as competent and legally allowed to work on gas.


We are also offering you the opportunity to upskill to get your LPG qualifications free of charge with this course however you must have held your certificates, been gas safe registered and been working on gas for at least six months before we can do this with you.


Within your final weeks you will be offered the opportunity for an interview with our national recruitment agency Hays recruitment to see about local and national vacancies.  Starting salaries from £25k OTE, typical smart metering positions £29k OTE……


This is an intensive full-time course, with additional support should you not be achieving within the timeframe at no extra cost. Our focus is on how safely you work, and how safe you will be when you have qualified & left us, including the quality of your knowledge as a newly qualified engineer.


You will gain:

BPEC Foundation Diploma in Domestic Gas (MLP)


LPG after six months

CSCS H&S test

Accredited Asbestos Awareness

Safe Isolation


You will be qualified to apply for your Gas Safe card.


It is not for the faint hearted but provides you with an excellent start to your gas career.  Book now, we look forward to welcoming you to Kier.



Vicky Wood


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