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Deltar-TS training courses have been built on the experience gained in managing complex security operations across the world. We understand the value of effective training and accredited certification, and are committed to opening the door to professional development to anyone and everyone who shares the appreciation of the benefit that internationally accredited training can bring, on both a personal and professional basis.

With courses delivered in 17 countries, and a global community of programme graduates, this is an opportunity to join a truly global network of security, risk and crisis management practitioners.

All programmes are formally accredited by the Institute of Strategic Risk Management, and successful completion of the courses gives automatic membership together with the post-nominals M.ISRM.  

Level 5 Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management

This Level 5 programme is specifically designed for senior security, risk and business continuity managers who are being given responsibility for the planning, management and implementation of increasingly complex security, risk management, business continuity, emergency response or crisis management projects, often involving a high level of multi-agency and stakeholder integration, both internally and with external partners.

Since its inception in 2015, it has become widely recognised as one of the leading professional qualifications in the world.

Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management

The Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management is a 12-month distance learning programme that gives participants an opportunity to engage in academic reading, research and writing, exploring the academic frameworks and theories that are the foundation of 21st-century strategic risk management.

There are eight modules, each with a fully developed support pack, including an introductory paper, assignment instructions, an initial reading list and access to a library of academic papers.

The overall feel of the programme is that it is designed to develop ‘pracademics’ – people who mix practitioner experience and insight with academic research and an understanding of the academic theories and models associated with their own area of interest.

Because it involves high-level strategic perspectives, it is appropriate to anyone working in an environment characterised by complexity – complex organisations working in complex environments, facing complex problems that require complex solutions.


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