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Here is a method that is helping practitioners REALLY understand their clients movement problems? Now YOU can learn these revolutionary biomechanics screens. The problem is so many movement assessment courses out there are still subjective or lacking in solid evidence. It is no surprise you are still not 100% confident as to WHY your clients can’t squat!

If you can relate to this problem then we have a solution. We gathered data over 20yrs using isokinetic machine results from over 4.5k subjects, from GB athletes to the general population, about their biomechanics and movement abilities. We compared this data with evidence based manual assessments and the results we stunning. In some cases 97% gold standard lab test accurate! We’ve had affiliations with the PGA, ACSM, Esporta Health clubs, South Yorkshire Police, Dorset Fire & Rescue, D.O.D, Kelly Holmes Jaguar Academy of Sport, British Triathlon, Tessa Sanderson Foundation Academy, IRFU, England Rugby, England & Welsh Athletics & several universities to name a few. The benefits you will get from this awesome programme are: The skills to assess where your clients movement issues are coming from in relation to their intrinsic biomechanics. Confidence in KNOWING exactly which exercises are right or wrong for them. The skills to reduce recurring injuries , The joy of watching your clients movement ability improve before your eyes!

The Missing Link’ that will bring every skill set together! South Yorkshire Police saved over £65k in just 3 months from absenteeism & a 60% reduction in musculoskeletal issues using our programme. While ace to face we will demonstrate, and discuss with you, how to assess both your clients body for dysfunction. We will also go through the unique iMoveFreely ® programme specifically deigned to improve the way your clients move. We will also cover some strength training methods that allow you to really improve joint strength ratios while allowing freedom of movement

YMCA Level 4 Certificate in Programming Physical Activity for Individuals with Low Back Pain (includes a full Diploma in Biomechanics Coaching)

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Read a Testimonial by Graham Pardew who passed a Coaching Diploma with us.


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