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Leaving the Forces? Looking for something new and exciting to learn? We offer courses tailored to your personal needs, full or part time, working towards obtaining a Light Aircraft Pilots Licence or a Private Pilots Licence, with the option to go on to train as a commercial pilot in the future

The PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) and LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence) courses are your 2 options if you are looking to learn to fly

The courses are tailored to you, so they start when you are ready and you book to fly when you are free! We suggest you come in, call or email to discuss your course structure as everyone is different

Flying lessons in Inverness at Inverness Airport

Being able to climb into the skies and look down on the world from above is one of the reasons many people learn to fly. We think you should have the very best view when you're up there, and from our base at Inverness Airport we can offer the Cairngorm mountains, Loch Ness, the Highlands and numerous castles!

We're Authorised by the CAA

We are the only CAA authorised training organisation in the north of scotland. This means we provide the very highest standards and can teach and examine the LAPL course 

No Landing Fees! 

All flight costs are included, and from £133 an hour we think it's very competitive

Quiet International Airport with 4 runways

We rarely have to stop flying because of crosswind and you learn how to fly with the big jets and full international air traffic control

Scenery and open airspace

With amazing mountains and glens and open airspace that allows us to fly wherever we want at whatever speed and height!

Full time flight instruction staff

Giving consistency of training allowing you to stay with the same instructor throughout your course

EASA PPL Targeted Ground School

With the new EASA exams part of the PPL and LAPL, we've worked very hard to make sure our highly acclaimed groundschool is up to date and all the help you need to get through the exams

In-house Maintenance

All our aircraft are maintained by our qualified staff through our CAA accredited CAMO (Continuing AIrworthiness Maintenance) facility

A dedicated team of professional instructors and teaching staff

Friendly staff and a fully refurbished clubhouse with club lounge, kitchen, briefing rooms and dedicated classroom and study areas

As Inverness is a major airport you learn full and correct radio communications

Just an hour's flight away and you can be island hopping. All of our PPL students experience flying to the Orkneys within their course. Your training will therefore cover water crossings and mountainous terrain flying, making you a more competent pliot

All weather training

Flying in less than ideal weather is something that can ruin your day if you have not had good training in what to do and look out for.  The weather in Inverness is excellent when compared with the rest of Scotland, but it also provides some more varied weather throughout the year, making sure that a new pilot trained in Inverness has more experience with making good weather decisions than pilots trained elsewhere

7 day operations. We operate 7 days a week and frequently fly until 9 pm




01667 460 361

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Highland Aviation, Dalcross, Inverness Airport, INVERNESS IV2 7JB

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Courses Available
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Private Pilot's Licence (PPL)
The Private Pilot’s Licence is recognised worldwide and can be ‘built on’ with extra ratings and privileges. It is the first step towards a commercial licence and career in aviation
Scotland 01667 460 361   email   website
Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence (LAPL)
Available for aeroplanes, helicopters, balloons and gliders, the concept behind the LAPL was to create a simplified licence with a shorter training course and less onerous medical standards. In the case of aeroplanes it is limited to a maximum take-off weight of two tonnes and no more than three passengers. With some extra training it can be upgraded to the PPL
Scotland 01667 460 361   email   website

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