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Whether you’re still serving and making good use of your ELC or currently going through resettlement, tell us about your studies or transition and be in with a chance of winning our quarterly £250 prize!


Please complete all questions as fully as possible so that your profile can be written up by the Editor (please note that we may not necessarily use all the facts you supply). Feel free to add any information you think may be of interest to QUEST readers, and please ignore any questions that are not relevant to you or you would prefer not to answer.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to submit a more ‘freestyle’ piece of text, rather than answer the following questions, please do, although you may find the questions helpful for guidance on the sort of things our readers would like to know about.

IMPORTANT! Please also include a photograph of yourself, together with any other photos you think might be suitable to illustrate your profile (at work, in uniform, graduating, receiving a qualification certificate, etc. …).

These should be high-quality files in .jpg format, as high resolution as possible (i.e. actual size if possible).

When you’re ready, click on the ‘Submit questionnaire’ button at the end of the form – or, if you’re sending us your own piece of text, please email this along with your photos, to

Thank you on behalf of the QUEST team!

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Service career

Use of Enhanced Learning Credits …

Resettlement (ignore this section if still serving) …

Your new job in civvy street (ignore this section if still serving) …


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If you’re selected as our quarterly £250 prize winner, we’ll be in touch asap with the good news!

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