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Worried about your career prospects in a corona world?

Worried about your career prospects in a corona world?


07 Dec, 2020

Best-selling careers author John Lees’ latest edition of his book, How to Get a Job You Love, is here to offer advice and reassurance …

With job fragility at a record high, it’s a worrying time to be facing redundancy, planning a career change and generally thinking ‘what do I do next?’

The latest, updated edition of John Lees’ book, How to Get a Job You Love, includes the following practical guidance:

  • Find out if you’re ‘market ready’
  • Need a job in a hurry? Try the four-hour job search
  • Understand the ‘hidden’ job market
  • New you, new career?

But what does job search look like in the so-called new normal, and what can you do if the sector you were hoping to enter has been hard hit? In How to Get a Job You Love, Lees guides you along every step of your journey to help you find the work that suits you best, whatever your age or experience.

Written during the pandemic, the book will help anyone who is considering work and careers in the strange world of COVID-19 restrictions, to help you discover fresh possibilities. Aiming to encourage you to think and act differently so you can open new doors, it will challenge the limitations you put in your way, help you discover your strengths and show you new ways to unlock your hidden potential.

Taking account of the rapid changes in the world of work this year, Lees offers new tactics to match this new normal, and gives you all the tools, tactics and ‘how-to’ advice you’ll need. New content for this edition also includes up-to-date research into the jobs market, advice on how to tell your career story, and deeper insights into the way fewer jobs are being advertised as increasing numbers of roles go ‘underground’.

With the current pandemic leading more and more people to reflect on what makes them happy, the book contains new content on working purposefully with a sense of calling or creating a better career ‘deal’. It also includes new material on managing your social media purpose, a new section, ‘Your 240-minute job search in 7 steps’, and advice on how to maintain energy as you pursue change.

How to Get a Job You Love covers the following scenarios and more:

  • Facing redundancy and ‘what do I do next?’
  • Unemployed and looking for better ways to identify opportunities
  • Feeling ‘stuck’, looking for new challenges and wondering ‘what on earth can I do?’
  • Deciding how to reinvent yourself mid-career or in pre-retirement mode
  • Seeking work and hitting a brick wall with applications
  • Should you work for yourself?
  • Considering changing career completely (particularly relevant to our readers!).

Also new for this updated 2021–22 edition is access to a Career Change Test designed exclusively for readers of How to Get a Job You Love by Careershifters. This short, free assessment will give readers a personalised report designed to help them feel clearer and more confident about their change – from learning which of the five ‘career change stages’ you’re at, to how far you have the necessary foundations in place and the most effective next steps.

If you want to know what kind of career really suits you best, the go-to strategy for career success and how to navigate choppy waters regardless of the current, this book will help you take those first steps towards unlocking the answers and finding something new.

How to Get a Job You Love is published by McGraw Hill and priced at £14.99. Find it at the usual stockists.


About the author

John Lees is one of the UK’s best-known career strategists, and the author of 15 books on work and careers. How to Get a Job You Love (now in its 11th edition) regularly tops the list of best-selling careers books by a British author and was twice selected as WHSmith Business Book of the Month.

His other McGraw Hill titles include Get Ahead in Your New JobKnockout CVKnockout Interview and Career Reboot. John has delivered workshops in the USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, is a presenter at business conferences and consumer events, and featured as a speaker at the world’s largest international career conference in the USA.

He is also regularly featured as an expert on the UK jobs market in national newspapers and magazines, and has appeared on the BBC and ITV’s Tonight programme, Channel 4’s Dispatches, as well as on the radio. Formerly chief executive of the Institute of Employment Consultants, his expertise as a careers specialist is also sought by a wide range of commercial organisations, universities and business schools.