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#VeteransListenIn – remote therapy service counters crisis of self-isolation

#VeteransListenIn – remote therapy service counters crisis of self-isolation


07 Apr, 2020

Self-isolation is causing a crisis among veterans who need therapy to resolve military trauma.

In response to this situation, Forces charity PTSD Resolution has launched a new service to deliver its therapy by phone or internet, rather than face to face, via its 200 therapists.

Forces veterans, reservists and their families can now receive therapy for military PTSD through a phone or internet call, following a successful pilot programme. To date, by PTSD Resolution has had 2,900 referrals over 11 years, and has delivered treatment face to face through a network of 200 accredited therapists.

Says PTSD Resolution Chairman Colonel Tony Gauvain (Retired), ‘The suffering and anguish of veterans, reservists and their families from the effects of military trauma are at crisis point, exacerbated by the effects of self-isolation due to coronavirus, COVID-19. Many sufferers are living on their own, with no social engagement. It is a recipe for disaster from the feedback we are getting.

PTSD Resolution Chairman Colonel Tony Gauvain (Retired)

‘PTSD Resolution piloted the phone treatment programme based on our long experience of delivering treatment successfully through one-to-one sessions with our network of therapists. Remote treatment, by phone and internet, was originally tested to meet the needs of veterans who were living in isolated locations or unable for other reasons to attend for face-to-face treatment. It has worked well, which meant that we were ideally positioned to launch this as a new service, to deal with the issue of enforced self-isolation.’

The charity is launching a campaign to reach veterans and families – #VeteransListenIn – as well as a national appeal for funding to meet the high demand for support. PTSD Resolution receives no government funds and relies on public donations. The charity has no salaried staff, offices or assets; donations are used to pay therapists to provide treatment and to ensure that veterans and potential referrers are aware of the vital support that is available. A course of treatment averages five out-patient sessions, which costs the charity around £650; the course is delivered free to veterans and family members, as the latter may also be affected by symptoms.

Key features of PTSD Resolution’s service

  • Free help for veterans and families suffering from military trauma
  • Confidential – no GP referral needed
  • Local, phone or online help through a UK network of accredited therapists
  • Fast treatment, issues usually resolved in an average of five sessions
  • Prompt availability – first session booked often in a matter of days
  • Compassionate – clients do not have to talk about events in their past
  • Cost-effective – £650 per programme, covered by public donations
  • Transparent – results are monitored and reported
  • No one is turned away, including HM prisoners and those with addiction issues
  • Cobseo member, working with other Forces charities

If you or a family member need help with trauma issues or would like to make a donation, click here

You can read testimonials here 


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