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The extraordinary journey of Robert L. Jones

The extraordinary journey  of Robert L. Jones


11 Sep, 2017

From a troubled adolescence to a life of military service and numerous achievements

Being a strong advocate for continuous education and a lifelong learner, Robert studied the Certificate in Terrorism Studies from the CSTPV at the University of St Andrews, to help him with his teaching.

‘Raised in Indiana, growing up was a low point. I come from a diverse nuclear family. In school, I wasn’t very academic, but two of my teachers saw something in me and made sure that I stuck it out and graduated. Looking at my community I didn’t see any opportunity. I was always up to mischief; I was a member of a street gang, always getting into juvenile things. I went to an uncle for advice and he encouraged me to go into the military to learn a skill. I joined in 1961.’

Continuing professional development
‘I completed all modules of the Advanced Certificate in Terrorism Studies. I also studied the Postgraduate Certificate in Security Studies. One instructor said, ‘You should be teaching.’ I was later appointed Adjunct Professor at Anne Arundel Community College. I now teach homeland security subjects.’

From theory to practice
‘As I go through and update course material for my students, I revisit my modules and notes from St Andrews. They have a direct impact on what I teach. I rarely use the textbook the college provides as it doesn’t go into depth. I tell my students, “Stay focused on your studies and what we discuss in the classroom. Seek a variety of open source materials, as well as multiple news sources to supplement our discussions.”’

Supporting fellow Veterans after retirement
‘I retired from the military after breaking my back in a skydiving accident. I went to work in a Veteran programme for men and women coming out of service and served on several national policy committees. I also worked closely with the Office of Public Liaison in the White House, among other duties.

‘The thing I always tell young people is to understand that education never stops. Look at globalisation and the transition of careers. You will change your path so many times it’s important to have your education to fall back on. I am always searching for ways to better my knowledge and expand my horizons to allow me to offer more to my students.’

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