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Study for a PT qualification throughout the COVID-19 outbreak

Study for a PT qualification throughout the COVID-19 outbreak


08 Dec, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the country face one of the most difficult periods in its history. Many of us now find ourselves having to stay at home, leaving behind our usual daily routines. This is particularly frustrating for fitness enthusiasts, who are used to being active all the time ...

The continuing effects of the outbreak are undoubtedly going to lead to many of us having a great deal of additional time to spend at home doing new things. While some fitness enthusiasts may be forced to consider new pastimes, others could see this period as offering a positive opportunity to invest in themselves by taking a personal trainer (PT) course – and you could join them!

Thanks to advancements in educational technology it is now possible, if studying with the right provider, to complete your learning at home despite the pandemic. By using state-of-the-art online virtual learning environments, video recordings, interactive quizzes, podcasts, online lectures and a whole other range of media, all learning outcomes of a PT qualification can be studied at home. 

Of course, there must also be live interaction in place; this is likely to be in the form of regular remote tutorials via Skype or Zoom, live webinars and live chat. So there’s no need to worry about social distancing. With the right provider, this is all now possible. 

In terms of assessment, while coursework can already be easily submitted online, there is now also new, exam board-approved technology that lets students sit theory assessments from home, removing the need for any contact with another person, so keeping on the right side of social distancing guidelines.

Of course, practical assessments are going to be difficult whenever gyms are required to close, but these can be deferred to the end of a course. Since eight out of ten units of a PT course are theory-based, this still gives students a lot to be getting on with. Once gyms reopen, students will be able to focus on their practical exams by attending in person or, if they prefer, recording their exams in a local gym.

Added to this, any reputable provider is likely to invite you to attend practical workshops retrospectively so you don’t miss out on those all-important practical skills.

It’s fair to say that many people expect a boom in the fitness industry once gyms reopen permanently. With this in mind, any periods of tiered lockdown or isolation offer an ideal opportunity to study and then be ready to take advantage of the inevitable uptick in business once fitness providers’ doors reopen for good. 

One ELCAS Approved Provider that continues to offer all of the above innovations and flexibility throughout the COVID-19 outbreak is Study Active. Please contact them direct or click here to find out more.

Visit Study Active’s regularly updated blog to stay up to date with the latest news, and read this entry to find out how it has successfully continued to maximise training opportunities for students throughout the pandemic. 


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