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Standard Learning Credits

Standard Learning Credits


23 Jan, 2017

The SLC scheme allows personnel to obtain financial assistance for learning costs

You are able to claim 80% of your course fees, up to a maximum of £175 per financial year. To qualify for SLC funding, the course of study must lead to a nationally recognised qualification, have substantial developmental value and directly benefit the Service.

SLC: Your questions answered

Q: Can I use Standard Learning Credits (SLC) in the same financial year that I use ELC?

A: Yes, if it is not for the same course of study.


Q: Can I use SLC to pay for an exam relating to the course of study being funded by ELC?

A: No.


Q: Do I still need to make a 20% minimum personal contribution towards the cost of the qualification course during resettlement if I am using IRTC with SLC/ELC to fund the same activity?

A: In the first instance yes, because you are required to submit a claim in accordance with the current ELC regulations. You may subsequently submit an IRTC claim in accordance with resettlement policy to claim your IRTC grant in full or part to help pay towards the cost of the higher-level learning. However, under these circumstances only, it is permissible for Service leavers to use IRTC to pay, in part or in full, the mandated 20% personal contribution element.


Q: How do I know whether I should use ELC or SLC plus IRTC in resettlement to pay towards the cost of learning?

A: It depends on the cost of the learning activity and whether it meets the criteria of the various schemes. It makes sense to optimise the funding available, but talk this through with your resettlement adviser if you are unsure about the best route. In all cases it makes sense to maximise the use of learning credits up to the full value for which a claimant is eligible, before considering using IRTC to pay towards the same course. It doesn’t make sense to waste any of the value of learning credits.


Q: Can I only use SLC with IRTC to pay for examination fees?

A: No, you can use it towards any recognised national qualification or for any of the other permitted uses laid out in JSP898 – Defence Direction and Guidance on Training, Education and Skills.

Standard Learning Credits: the basics

  • SLC is a refund scheme. Payments are made after the completion of learning and you must provide proof of learning.
  • SLC are designed for multiple, small-scale learning activities.
  • There is an annual allowance that runs from 1 April to 31 March. The allowance can’t be carried forward nor used for courses taken in the previous year.
  • You can claim for only 80% of the course fee, up to a maximum of £175 per financial year.
  • You must complete an application form (MOD Form 1950) before starting a course. This form must be signed by your line manager and education staff.
  • You must show that the course/activity will directly benefit the Service (unless it is part of preparing for resettlement).
  • The course/activity must help your development or resettlement (if applicable) and must be within your ability.
  • ELC and SLC cannot be used together.
  • Service leavers can use their Individual Resettlement Training cost (IRTC) grant with SLC if required.


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