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SSAFA survey seeks better understanding of needs

SSAFA survey seeks better understanding of needs


11 Feb, 2020

A new survey report aims to improve understanding and support for Forces families with additional needs or disabilities

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity is proud to announce the release of a new survey report written by the Forces Additional Needs and Disability Forum (FANDF) committee. This powerful report shares the voices of this sometimes-overlooked additional needs and disability community within the Armed Forces. It marks the first time this demographic has shared these insights and their experiences in an official capacity with the MoD. 

Under the MoD’s Defence and Inclusion (D&I) strategy, efforts are being made to shine a light into every corner of the Forces community. In order to better support these families, their opinions and personal experiences have been collated and their own on-the-ground-recommendations are being shared.

Michelle Claridge, vice chair of FANDF, the report’s author and former Army Education Officer explains: ‘As a military spouse and mother to a child with additional needs, I know first hand the challenges of this perfect storm of circumstances. It takes someone with this shared experience to fully comprehend and convey these unique complexities and that is exactly what we aim to do with this report. If we can use this evidence as a tool to kick-start tangible, positive change for families like ours, we will be delighted.’

To read the report in full, click here