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Social Media Spouses goes live!

Social Media Spouses goes live!


21 May, 2019

Applications are invited for the first free social media training programme for military spouses and partners …

BFBS recently announced that applications are open for Social Media Spouses,the UK’s first free online social media training programme for the spouses and partners of full-time HM Forces personnel. The course is funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust and applications can be made at

Social Media Spouses addresses a real need among military spouses and partners to obtain the skills required to find flexible and interesting work that fits around military and family life – as well as being the first dedicated course to offer detailed training on how to use social media to grow a business or find a career in social media. 

The 12-week course is designed by social media experts to offer military spouses the opportunity to build up professional skills, ultimately enabling them to become social media professionals. 

The course, which is delivered online, will focus on the following areas of social media …

  • Social media platforms: how each platform’s algorithms work, along with effective strategies to make content stand out.
  • Campaign planning: how to plan, implement and evaluate social media campaigns.
  • Community management: how to grow and engage an audience, how to moderate comments and discussions, and how to deal with difficult situations.
  • Photography: learn how to take truly show-stopping images using a phone.
  • Videos: create professional social media videos using a smartphone.
  • Ads: using paid-for advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Analytics: using each of the major platforms’ built-in analytics tools.

Says course leader Jackie Rautenbach, BFBS social media manager: ‘Being married to someone in the military, I understand first-hand what it feels like having to give up your job or career. Finding work that fits around military life is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. The world of social media offers so many opportunities – it’s used by entrepreneurial spouses who run their own businesses and social media managers who often work remotely. That’s exactly why we want to equip as many spouses and partners with these sought-after social media management skills. We want to change as many lives as possible.’

Finding work that fits around military life is a challenge, but it’s not impossible

Social Media Spouses also has a dedicated Facebook group where the course leaders offer advice on careers in social media, content or campaigns, plus ongoing support and feedback on anything related to social media. 

The course will be completed through a learning platform that can be accessed from anywhere around the world and, thanks to the generous support of the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, is free to all military spouses and partners.