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Salisbury Based Training Company Have Proudly Gained CTP Preferred Supplier Status

Salisbury Based Training Company Have Proudly Gained CTP Preferred Supplier Status


07 Nov, 2019

Dorset Health and Safety Limited, an ELCAS approved training provider based in Wiltshire continues to have growing success after becoming a CTP Preferred Supplier Training Company.

What is a CTP Preferred Supplier?

The Career Transition Partnership’s Preferred Supplier list is owned by the MOD, this is a group of companies / organisations that in support of CTP services are able to deliver vocational training that is in demand by personnel leaving the military and not already supplied by CTP.

Preferred suppliers can deliver training to Service leavers within a 50 mile radius of either their home or Service accommodation and so for a Salisbury based company DHS are thrilled to be given the opportunity to deliver courses easily accessible from Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset.

What are the benefits of Using a CTP Preferred Supplier?

In using a Preferred Supplier, you can be assured of receiving quality approved training; CTP Career Consultants are fully aware of our training provision and can direct Service leavers towards our courses during individual consultancy sessions if our training meets your needs.

We are also proud to be able to display the CTP Preferred Supplier logo on our website and marketing literature; this logo that is instantly recognisable by Service Leavers and reassures them that they can book our training with confidence.

In addition, it is great to know that we can call on the support of a CTP ‘Preferred Supplier Manager’ to guide and advise us through the course’s application process.

In addition to being immensely proud of being given Preferred Supplier Status, we also pride ourselves on employing ex Armed Forces Personnel to deliver our training. Our trainers, like our Service Leavers are hard-working and motivated; this helps to achieve excellent performance results and raises the profile of our training company even further.

How Can I book a Place on a Course?

To book course, or to ask for advice about any of our courses, contact Stuart at:

Tel: 07841 023522



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