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Project Future: finding opportunity amid uncertainty

Project Future: finding opportunity amid uncertainty


03 Dec, 2020

You want to be your own boss, but how do you take the right decision and make it happen? The world of work is probably unrecognisable from when you started your career, but even though it’s full of uncertainty, it’s also full of opportunity. Never has it been easier to start a business and make an impact in the world …

In his new book Project Future: 6 Steps to Success as Your Own Boss, due to be published in January, Robb Kerr (pictured below) takes inspiration from project management techniques to show you how to test your ideas, get clarity and launch a successful independent career. He takes expert techniques that he knows can deliver amazing results and applies them to the most important decisions you will ever make, including whether to start a business and what business to start.

Kerr is an expert at setting up new ventures from scratch and often works with HR departments to help and inspire people who have been made redundant to find their feet and launch their big new idea. You can find out more at his website. His new book is all about giving a boost to new self-started ventures.

People set up new businesses for all sorts of reasons. For some it is a dream, others are searching for an improved work/life balance, while for many the decision is forced upon them by redundancy. Whatever the reason, Kerr’s book is full of tips, ideas and great advice on:

  • moving forward with your dream business – do it right and avoid common pitfalls
  • turning redundancy into a new opportunity
  • career change without the fear of the unknown
  • making your work life work with your home life; these days, for many people, the borders between home and work are inevitably getting blurrier – how can you keep sane when this happens?
  • a project management approach to the most important project – you!

We live in uncertain times – but also at a time when many people are striving for something different, an improved work/life balance and a more rewarding career path. Kerr’s no-nonsense project management approach will show you how to make that future real, for yourself and for your family.

Written in a straightforward and practical style, Project Future features easy-to-follow frameworks that can be applied to your life now. It’s the perfect book for anyone looking to make a career change, or who has been made redundant and is looking for opportunity amid the uncertainty. You’ll discover:

  • the S.O.R.T.E.D. framework to get your mind-set right
  • the I.N.P.U.T.S. framework to critically analyse your business proposal
  • the 6-step F.U.T.U.R.E. method to develop and deliver your plan.

You can do it. So what are you waiting for?


Project Future: 6 Steps to Success as Your Own Boss, by Rob Kerr, is published on 5 January 2021 by Practical Inspiration Publishing, and will be available as a paperback (£14.99) and e-book (£7.99) from all good bookshops and the usual online retailers.