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New novel from Steve Higgs

New novel from  Steve Higgs


06 Dec, 2017

Regular Quest contributor, Steve Higgs, is pleased to announce the publication of his second novel, The Phantom of Barker Mill, Book 2 in the Blue Moon Investigations series. Here’s a flavour:

Ok, look. The paranormal does not exist.

My name is Tempest Michaels and I am a paranormal investigator. I spend my working life politely pointing out how deluded people are. I’ll give you some examples: Is the cold draft a client feels by their kitchen door the ghost of their granny? – she died right there you know. I show them the hole in their refrigerator seal. A different client engages me to capture the monster living in his pond. I capture the neighbour’s Labrador having a nice swim.

Despite this daftness I do get cases with real merit. The owner of Barker Steel Mill has died, the coroner says natural causes, but the widow is convinced otherwise and the mill has a phantom that has been held responsible for accidents dating back to 1912. The staff are genuinely scared and someone is to blame.

With Amanda’s assistance I plan to find the truth and expose the phantom, but I am really quite distracted by the contents of Amanda’s shirt, my mother wants help planning a baby shower for my sister (Don’t I need a vagina for that Mother?), I desperately need to hire an assistant to do admin and I have an actual date with an actual girl to consider.

The paranormal, what a load of nonsense.

Want to read more? Visit Steve’s Amazon author page at

To read Steve’s latest column, turn to page 58.

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