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Military veterans to be guaranteed interviews for government jobs

Military veterans to be guaranteed interviews for government jobs


20 Feb, 2020

Military veterans will be guaranteed interviews for some government jobs as part of a pilot scheme to boost their employment prospects. The initiative – launched by the Office for Veterans’ Affairs (OVA) in the Cabinet Office – will start in the spring within certain departments. Veterans will be shortlisted provided they meet basic selection criteria. Cabinet Office minister Oliver Dowden says that veterans have ‘incredible skills’ that are needed in government.

Mr Dowden and veterans’ minister Johnny Mercer jointly oversee the OVA, which was created last July to improve support for ex-members of the Armed Forces. Four government departments will be taking part in the project:

  1. the Ministry of Justice
  2. the Ministry of Defence
  3. the Cabinet Office 
  4. the Home Office, including the UK’s Border Force.

There will be no time limit for those leaving the military on when they can take up the guaranteed interview offer, which applies retrospectively to all veterans.

Air Vice-Marshal Ray Lock, chief executive of the Forces in Mind Trust, said the introduction of the scheme was a ‘valuable step’ towards providing veterans with ‘equality of access to employment’, adding that ‘Negative stereotypes can prevent ex-Service personnel accessing the same employment opportunities as their civilian counterparts. Such misperceptions damage not only the individual, but also UK business.’

There will be no time limit for those leaving the military on when they can take up the offer

Johnny Mercer, a former Army officer and now Minister for Defence, People and Veterans, says that ex-Service personnel are ‘agile, strategic and excellent team players’ and ‘a guaranteed interview will shine a light on these skills and help boost job prospects’.

Oliver Dowden adds: ‘From teamwork to problem-solving, our veterans have incredible skills and experience that employers on civvy street, and indeed in Whitehall, are crying out for.’

The Cabinet Office says that the OVA’s announcement delivers on the government’s manifesto pledge to support and invest in veterans.

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