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Make Miricyl’s Get Fit for a Miracle event your new year’s resolution

Make Miricyl’s Get Fit for a Miracle event your new year’s resolution


03 Jan, 2018

This January, Quest is pleased to support the charity Miricyl – Mental Illness Research in Children and Young Lives. You can help too. Read on to find out how …

Mental illness is the number-one cause of illness in children and young people. And the children of veterans can be particularly at risk if one of their parents is suffering from a mental illness.

To help fund research, why not take part in Miricyl’s January Get Fit for a Miracle event? Its aim is to raise funds and awareness for young people affected by mental illness – and to help you turn your new year’s resolution into a habit for life. Here’s how you can get involved …

1.    Take Miricyl’s 66-day challenge (research shows that the 66-day length of the challenge is the time needed to form a new habit).
2.    Commit not just to yourself but to friends and family in exchange for sponsorship to complete the challenge.
3.    The Get Fit for a Miracle website lets you track your fitness and fundraising progress, and links with fitness apps like MapMyFitness, Strava and Fitbit. You can create a team on the website so you have buddies to train with.

Sign up today at www.getfitfor and register as being introduced by Quest – that way, we will know how much money we have raised and everything you raise will go specifically to support research for the children of veterans.

Make it your 2018 resolution to help yourself get fitter, and to help children and young people affected by mental illness.

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