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Life’s a gas for Sam and Jacob!

Life’s a gas for Sam and Jacob!


09 Nov, 2021

Sam Went, 41 (pictured above with his son Jacob), now working as a gas engineer and owner of his own company, Sam’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd, left the Forces as a LCpl in early 2020 after 12 years’ service having specialised as a driver in the Royal Logistic Corps. While serving, he gained all driving licences and advanced driving qualifications.

He registered for his ELC on resettlement and, with the help of his careers advisor, selected a course with training provider Gastec to use his funding. ‘Your careers advisor has a wealth of knowledge,’ says Sam, ‘so ask questions!’

The course Sam selected was the level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation (which he completed in June 2019) and he found Gastec a great choice of training provider. The course was a mix of academic study and practical training that he found easy to manage. ‘The instructor was very patient with all candidates on the course,’ he continues. ‘They were always approachable, accommodating and willing to explain further if needed.’

His first job on leaving the courses was as a gas engineer for the council. Now running his own business he says that on a day-to-day basis this involves boiler servicing and breakdowns, and preparing customer quotes. Being self-employed, he finds that he draws on some particular skills and attributes he gained in the military: resilience, respect and a strong work ethic. The work is fulfilling too, says Sam: ‘It’s great seeing the look of joy on a customer’s face when we can fix a problem. Plus I am earning more money now and I spend less time away from home.’

Asked what he would advise others who are thinking about claiming their ELC funding, Sam responds: ‘ELC enabled me to do a course that was a valuable tool for future employment and helped me achieve a secure future work plan. It’s there and free, so use it!’


Update …

Since Sam gained his level 3 Diploma in Gas Utilisation, his business has been expanding rapidly and in September 2021 he enrolled his son Jacob on the same course. As Sam’s business continues to grow, Jacob has gone on to become one of the youngest qualified gas engineers in the UK and has started working alongside his father. With a booming business, the future looks very promising for these two Gastec candidates.

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