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King Edward VII’s Hospital veterans’ grant open for applications

King Edward VII’s Hospital veterans’ grant open for applications


08 Jul, 2021

Charitable hospital King Edward VII’s Military Grants Fund is open to applications, offering grants to cover up to 100% of fees for medical treatment for veterans …

Grants and subsidies are available for complex medical treatment to Service or ex-Service personnel and their spouses, working closely with military charities to reach those in need. Grants from the fund are means tested and dependent on charitable donations, forming part of King Edward VII’s Hospital’s commitment to supporting the Armed Forces since 1899.

Beyond financial aid, the hospital’s Centre For Veterans’ Health supports veterans with the management of chronic pain through its award-winning Pain Management Programme – the first hospital-based service in the UK catering exclusively to veterans, which is available to eligible individuals following assessment.

A 10-day virtual course, the Pain Management Programme is specifically designed to help those who have been suffering with chronic pain to access assessment, diagnosis and treatment as quickly as possible, and is free of charge to veterans from all Services. The team works closely with other veteran services and GPs to ensure continuity of care.

The programme benefits from the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team of consultants in pain medicine, psychology and psychiatry, with the complementary expertise of specialist pain nurses and pain physiotherapists. To date more than 450 veterans have received life-changing help from the service. The service has delivered 33 programmes, with 100% of veterans who have attended the programme stating they would recommend it to other veterans.

All veterans can make use of a 20% discount for medical treatment for themselves, spouses and ex-spouses, widows and widowers.

King Edward VII’s Hospital is encouraging current or former Service personnel to take advantage of the provisions in place from the hospital, to prioritise their own health and well-being, and to feel empowered to return to life as they knew it pre-trauma.

Morgan Dally served in the RAF until 2014 when he was medically discharged with multiple back injuries. He says: ‘Having been dependent on pain medication for nearly a decade, and seeing its impact on my life, career and family relationships, I was referred to the Pain Management Programme in 2020. With the support and understanding of the pain team I managed to wean myself off all medication in six months, and I started to feel like myself again for the first time in years. This would not have been possible without the help of the amazing team at King Edward’s VII’s hospital.’

Lindsey Condron, chief executive at King Edward VII’s Hospital, adds; ‘King Edward VII’s Hospital has long been committed to helping veterans access medical care, and the Military Grants Fund aims to assist our Service personnel in receiving the care and treatment they need and deserve. After a period of service, no individual should suffer in silence, and I’d encourage any eligible applicants to take advantage of the support on offer, so that they can return to living and enjoying their life as quickly as possible.’


How to apply

Please note that decisions are made by the trustees and grants are available only for medical treatment carried out at King Edward VII’s Hospital. Applicants must be on an NHS waiting list to qualify, and must not have current medical insurance. Grants cannot be given for cosmetic or bariatric surgery. For more information about King Edward VII’s Military Grants Fund and full details of how to apply, click here


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Tel: 07719 953 472



Established in 1899, King Edward VII's is an independent charitable hospital with a long history of providing the highest-quality surgical and clinical care, using advanced medical techniques.

Located within London’s Harley Street medical district, the hospital delivers a truly personalised service, prioritising outstanding care over profit. This not-for-profit ethos ensures investment back into the hospital and its charitable work.

King Edward VII’s champions collaboration among its specialist teams, combining world-leading medical expertise with the latest in cutting-edge technology to make patients’ lives measurably better. The hospital provides healthcare that is collaborative, personalised and holistic, with specialist areas including women’s health, urology, digestive health and musculoskeletal services.

As a long-standing charity the hospital is dedicated to providing the highest levels of subsidised care to veterans of the Armed Forces. The charity provides military grants and subsidies for complex medical treatment to Service or ex-Service personnel by building strong relationships with a number of service charities, while the hospital’s Centre For Veterans’ Health supports veterans with management of chronic pain through its award-winning Pain Management Programme (see below), the only hospital-based service in the UK catering exclusively to veterans’ needs.



The Pain Management Programme (PMP) is a 10-day virtual programme run by the Centre for Veterans’ Health. A PMP is a group-based programme delivered by expert clinicians including a psychologist, nurse, physiotherapist, consultant in pain medicine and consultant in psychiatry. The PMP team will share up-to-date information about pain science and offer practical strategies to help with pain management. The aim is to introduce a range of pain management strategies that are designed to help with the day-to-day management of pain, and also to provide an environment for veterans to share their experiences and gain support from other group members.



All Service or ex-Service personnel without medical insurance are entitled to a 20% discount on their hospital bill. This is regardless of rank or length of service. It also extends to their present or ex-spouses, and includes widowers and widows. If this applies to you, please inform your consultant’s secretary or the hospital when booking your appointment or treatment. Applicants will need to provide proof of service.