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Improving standards of living for UK military personnel and their families

Improving standards of living for UK military personnel and their families


04 Nov, 2019

Amey and the DIO have achieved joint success at the Energy Efficiency Awards as well as securing £290,000 of ECO funding towards the cost of this year’s MoD refurbishment projects …

Amey and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) Housing Defence teams have been recognised for their ongoing commitment to improving the thermal values of some of the MoD’s hardest-to-treat properties, while improving the living experience of some of the UK’s military personnel and families.

Bradley Tyrrell, Amey’s head of pre-delivery, and Richard Parker, Amey’s senior project manager, attended the prestigious National Energy Awards in September on behalf of Amey and the DIO.

Teams from both organisations have been working closely with Yes Energy Solutions to formulate a detailed submission to secure £290,000 of ECO funding for all of the MoD’s external wall insulation projects that were completed in 2019. The submission was entered into the Insulation and Fabric Project of the Year category and had tough competition from 18 other projects that had been put forward for the same award.

It was a tense night, and Amey and the DIO were delighted to have been placed third in the category, which is a great achievement for both teams. The award was presented just one week before Amey achieved certification to ISO44001 (the collaborative working standard), and further demonstrates the commitment that both it and the DIO share to working together to continuously improve the service provided to the UK’s Armed Forces community.

Tom Silvey, operations director, housing at Amey, adds: ‘I’m extremely proud of our team, who have worked collaboratively with their DIO colleagues to understand the award submission and successfully meet the standards required. This funding will make a huge difference to the MoD, which will now be able to further improve the standard of military accommodation, and allow Service men and women, and their families, to live in more comfort and save money on their energy bills.’

Kieron Mullen, DIO’s service manager, continues: ‘This has been a monumental success and will enhance the thermal efficiency of hundreds of military family homes. Amey rose to the challenge and delivered improvements to a high standard. Budget optimisation was maximised thanks to the inclusion of ECO funding, and all challenges encountered were overcome through joint collaboration.

It is rewarding to see the results through these jointly delivered projects, which provide greater energy efficiency, a reduction in greenhouse gases, lower energy bills and improved accommodation for military families. We are maintaining strategic industry partner and supply chain partnerships to drive further improvement as we look at future project execution.’

About Amey

Amey, with a turnover of £2.2bn, employs 20,000 people internationally, with a focus on the UK, but with businesses in Australia and America too. Its aim is to make the world a better place to live, work and travel – designing, building, maintaining and investing in the UK’s services and infrastructure in partnership with its clients. This means keeping core services running smoothly across the country: utilities, transport, engineering, justice, defence, environmental and waste services, and facilities management. These are underpinned by Amey’s leading consulting and asset management capabilities, which allow it to offer standalone or integrated service solutions to a range of clients.

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