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08 Jun, 2017

From Royal Navy engineer to super yacht engineer …

Glenn Beer, MEM, served for four and a half years before leaving the Royal Navy in 2006 to embark on a career in the super yacht industry. Glenn is now serving as 2nd engineer on MY Paraffin, a 60-metre private super yacht, and was previously 3rd engineer on MY C2, a 78-metre private super yacht for three years, with a worldwide itinerary.
Glenn tells us about how his resettlement journey …

What were your main reasons for leaving the Forces?
‘I left the Services to move in to a new career away from military life for long-term plans. I was unaware of the yachting industry when I left in 2006, so took a position as a power plant operator. I then joined the super yacht industry in 2010 and have never looked back!’

What attracted you to a career in that industry?
‘The life experiences to be gained in such a diverse industry. The chance to save money and invest in my future, travel the world to amazing places and meet new people of all nationalities.’

What transferable skills did you have from the Navy?
‘Exemption from completing AEC (the entry-level qualification needed to work aboard super yachts) and exemption from STCW95 basic training. Years of sea-time from the Navy shortened the sea-time requirements to complete my Yacht Chief Engineer licence at an earlier stage.’

How did you get your job and what was the interview/selection process like?
‘I got my first and second job through a yacht crew agency, YPI Crew. They have been very helpful, assisting me through the process from day one of making the switch to yachts. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. I am very grateful for how they have helped me.’

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned from leaving the Navy and now working on board super yachts?
‘The Royal Navy didn’t suit me as a long-term career. Working on-board super yachts, however, suits me very well. It’s the best move I’ve made!’

What advice would you give to other Service leavers who are considering a long-term career in the super yacht industry?
‘Depending on your life goals, working on super yachts is a great career with so many benefits. It’s a big decision because working on yachts becomes a lifestyle; it’s not just a job. You’ve got to be willing to be away from home and family for a long time but it’s a fantastic industry.’

What are the best things about being a super yacht engineer/working on-board super yachts?
‘Travelling to top destinations around the world and getting paid for it! Good salaries, being well looked after, free food (catered for by top chefs), life experiences, people you meet, new friends, plus the thought of having the chance to set myself up well for the future.’


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