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Game on! Check your entrepreneurial skills

Game on! Check your entrepreneurial skills


08 Sep, 2021

X-Forces Enterprise (XFE), the UK’s leading provider of enterprise support to the Armed Forces community, is partnering with myNexus, the entrepreneurial smart-matching service, to accelerate innovation in entrepreneurship …

For Armed Forces community business owners this means three things …

  1. For a limited period, get free access to the myNexus platform and a free report on your own entrepreneurial skills on the Entrepreneur Skills Index (ESI). Register your interest by filling out the short form here
  2. From your own baseline ESI, plan with your business captain or mentor what this means for you and what your next steps could be.
  3. If you need investment for growth and/or exit, now or in the future, get connected with potential investors matched to your profile.

Increasing the success rate of early-stage UK growth businesses is a shared vision for both organisations as they seek to enable start-ups and scale-ups to access the right investment, capability and capacity at the right time.

myNexus is an innovative digital service that leverages gaming technology to validate the skills of the entrepreneurs and curate ‘right-fit partnerships’ with investors through an intelligent smart-matching algorithm. It is designed to eliminate the time-consuming and often biased pitch and procurement processes that constrain and undermine UK entrepreneurialism and business development.

The partnership between XFE and myNexus was forged by a ‘meeting of minds’ between XFE founder Ren Kapur MBE and myNexus co-founder Gaynor Matthews. As a serial entrepreneur, Gaynor has witnessed the challenges faced by under-represented groups, and addressing this adversity and creating a more level playing field is a shared passion.

The XFE/myNexus partnership will see XFE support myNexus to recruit and engage users in the final beta testing of the Entrepreneurial Skills Index, which will result in a new version release of the myNexus platform. More than 300 users will take two psychometric tests, play the ESI game and get a free 25-page report that analyses their skills and capabilities. 

‘Lack of innovation and bias in the investment process means it’s even harder for entrepreneurs that don’t fit a mould to secure investment. This is true today for many female, BAME and LGBT entrepreneurs, as well as businesses outside London,’ says James McMillan, co-founder of myNexus.

‘These entrepreneurs have as much to offer industry and the regeneration of the UK economy as other founders,’ adds James. ’Our partnership with XFE will ensure additional focus is also given to ex-military entrepreneurs who have so many great skills around strategy, discipline and delivery, but might find it harder to demonstrate entrepreneurial capability’.

‘XFE is delighted to be partnering with myNexus,’ says Ren Kapur, CEO and founder of XFE. ‘XFE prides itself on providing excellent wrap-around support to ex-military personnel looking to establish their own businesses. Combining our support with the technology and smart-matching capabilities of myNexus can help pave the way for more ex-military personnel to succeed in business’.

Click here to find out more and to take part


About XFE

X-Forces Enterprise is the UK’s largest provider of enterprise support to the ex-military in business. Support is available to Service leavers, veterans, Reservists, spouses, widows, cadets and dependants aged over 18.

XFE supports the individual throughout their enterprise journey, starting and scaling up their own businesses, offering ongoing support through knowledge exchange, networking and mentoring. 

XFE is the industry leader for enterprise training for the Ministry of Defence and is a recipient of the Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award for outstanding support of the Armed Forces community. 

To find out more, click here


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Twitter: @XForces


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