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From the RAF to Riverford.

From the RAF to Riverford.


26 May, 2017

Following a successful 27-year career in the RAF, Gareth & Gill Rossiter purchased a Riverford home delivery franchise in October 2014.

Their ‘plan’ for the next stage of life was simple:  “find and seize an opportunity to do something completely different but still strive to ‘make a difference’, put roots down in a community and find a better – and simpler - life balance.”

Gill advises;-

“We had never really-considered that we might run our own business before we started on this journey with Riverford, as we were both fairly set on moving into our relevant areas of expertise as we left the Services.  Having been customers of Riverford for many years we saw the business opportunity in Dorset on the website and started the exploratory process.”

 “Without a doubt, our Service careers gave us resilience and developed many skills that read-across directly to being in business, be that from the practical, hands-on environment right up to the strategic level.  The ability to get on with people at all levels and communicate effectively; plan properly, in depth and for contingencies; think on your feet, problem solve, consider options and make timely, sensible decisions - as well as to lead or work within a team are all qualities developed and honed - at all levels - during a military career.”

“We have found that from the business planning phase to the running of the delivery operations and managing our small team, our experience and skill set have transferred across perfectly.  There are times when you need to dig deep to overcome the challenges of running your own business - it is rarely plain sailing and the question of ‘Is it ’Test Week’ again?’ often springs to mind - but our prior experience has equipped us well for now ‘living life on the veg’!”

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