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From stadium to boardroom: scrumming for success

From stadium to boardroom: scrumming for success


09 Nov, 2017

A new book, Leader on the Pitch, shows you how to become the captain of your business through the wisdom of rugby resilience …

Whether your plan is to be a leader on the field or in the boardroom, pitching for success follows the same trials. In both business and rugby, putting yourself in a position to take a few hard knocks is the only way to place yourself and your team in a position to grow.

Written by psychologist and authority on communication Paul Boross, alongside international rugby legend Scott Quinnell, Leader on the Pitch takes psychology learned on the pitch and applies it to the psychology of business.

The book strips back leadership to its bare bones, taking an honest look at how you can be the best possible leader to guide your team to success. It dispels the notion that leaders are always charismatic individuals who inspire their teams with motivational speeches. Drawing upon their real-life experiences, the authors of the book found that the most compelling and inspiring leaders are also the best listeners. Real leaders will be found in the backroom, engaging people with the reality of their work, rather than simply hooking followers with a good PR campaign.

The only real competitor you will have in life is the one looking right back at you in the mirror

Combining Paul Boross’s experience in motivational psychology with Scott Quinnell’s experience from the grass roots of the pitch, the book shows that the two of them know that the only real competitor you will have in life is the one looking right back at you in the mirror. The book provides practical lessons on how to overcome self-doubt, inspire others and make smart decisions in a fast-paced, pressured environment.

Working together on and off screen for the past seven years, the authors of the book also draw knowledge from their hit Sky Sports TV series School of Hard Knocks.

As Sir Clive Woodward says in his Foreword, both in business and in rugby, ‘the threat of failure causes leaders to lose their composure and make hasty decisions, and the end result isn’t because the decision was wrong but because it was made under pressure’. Speaking from a position of authority as a businessman, player and World Cup-winning coach, Sir Clive encourages all leaders – and potential leaders – to ‘read the book, re-read it and allow yourself to learn from the deeper wisdom of the game’.

Leader on the Pitch, by Paul Boross and Scott Quinnell is out now, retailing at £7.99.

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